Saturday, June 11, 2011

ThunderLove Reunion

Some of you have heard of our group of friends that we affectionately refer to as "ThunderLove". ThunderLove is a mix of some crazy, unique, amazing people that we are blessed to call friends. Some of us met at college, and the name was coined during our undergraduate years. Since graduating college, we have spread across the globe, living and working in places that include Indiana, Ukraine, South Carolina, Africa, Alabama, etc. But every once in while someone gets married and we get to see this great group of friends. Someone finally realized that we didn't have to wait for a wedding and got the genius idea to have a reunion. So, we did. A large handful of Thunderlove gathered at our small apartment for a couple days of food, fun, and a lot of laughs. For those that were unable to attend...we missed you dearly.

The boys decided to have their man time at Taco Mac and eat death wings.  Luis, Sammy, and Austin smiling because they don't know how bad their mouths are going to hurt.

The sweat already glistening from Sammy's gorgeous head

The girls decided our lady time would be spent at Atlanta Bread Company.  We passed on the death wings.

Liz and Me with Megan (above pic) at ABC

The face of anyone entering Sweet Monkey for the first time.  SO MANY frozen yogurt flavors and toppings.


Liz with brain freeze :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday Kayaking with a side of Birthday Sushi

Image courtesy of Google Images
To celebrate my birthday, Tim planned a kayaking trip down the broad river with some of our friends. The drive to the Sandbar company was through the N. Georgia mountains, we weren't so sure that Tim's car was going to make it. Should you ever go kayaking with the Sandbar company (which I recommend), if you haven't said "where the crap are we?" at least 5 times, you have not arrived yet. So we packed up our coolers and joined Mary, Matthew, Austin, Denise, Christian, Luke, and Matt for the "wild" ride down the Broad River.

Along the river there are points where people pull their kayaks out to hang out (imagine giant frat party but on a sandbar in the middle of the river). On one such sandbar there was a post with small planks of wood nailed on for you to climb up on and jump off. This of course drew a big crowd because if you weren't jumping off, you were watching the others jump off (or the intoxicated ones belly-flop off). I was of the crowd that gracefully jumped off.

Image courtesy of Google Images - post on the Broad River.

We finished the awesome day with birthday sushi at my favorite restaurant! Sushi-coma after kayaking = fantastic birthday celebration!