Friday, February 22, 2013

Smiling at 6 months

Six months has flown by so fast!  (If you would like to see 1 week old1 month old2 months old, or 3 months old pictures to see how much our Little Man has grown, just click on the links.)  

Let me tell you about the smiley-est kid in the whole world!

I've included some old photos for comparison.  This one at one month old is to prove that he does in fact not smile 100% (just 99.9%) of the time.  I tried to take a picture of him fussing at me the other day, but it didn't work out....because he smiled at me.  

Matthan ~ 1 mos old

Matthan ~ 3 mos old

I have so many pictures of this kid that I think I'm going to have to create a website where you can just flip through the pictures...if I have not already overwhelmed you with all the cuteness...could you handle some more?

Matthan ~ 4 mos old

Matthan ~ 6 mos old

At 6 months old, Matthan is weighing in at 17 lbs 1 oz and is 26 1/4 inches long.  He is approximately in the 50% for weight, length, and head circumference.  He has one tooth that has barely pushed through, and has another one right under the surface.  He is drooling like crazy and is gnawing on everything.

6 mos check up status ~ still smiling

He loves mirrors.  He has been smiling at himself in the mirror since he was just a couple months old (or I thought that's what he was doing, and now I'm sure of it).  No matter what the kid is doing, if you pass by a mirror, he just grins.  Usually if he topples over and cries I just take him to a mirror and he's grinning in less than a second.  This picture was almost perfect!  I had the perfect shot of him smiling in the mirror, but he moved at the last second, so you get creepy baby reflection instead.

He is incredibly calm, content, and flexible.  This has been the case since he was born.  I really took notice of this when he was about 3 months old and I was cleaning the kitchen and hadn't heard a peep for about 30 minutes.  I looked over at the Rock'n'play that I had him in and he had been playing with the tiny manufacturer's tag on his elephant for 30 minutes.  I thought that was impressive (that might not be, but I'm happy in my mother delusions, leave me there, will ya.)  

He helps me with the sitting there, adorably, while I fold laundry around him and put it away.  

Matthan loves his "mommy blanket" (that's what we call the blanket I made for him). He hugs it the second you give it to him.  One of my concerns as a mother was the warnings against putting blankets in the crib with the baby, but I figured that I'd just solve the concern of suffocation by making him a blanket with holes in it.  One child loves to sleep like this!!!

He has slept like this since we stopped swaddling him.  He has the ability to pull the blanket off of his head (many many rounds of "where's Matthan?"), and we never lay the blanket over him like that, but EVERY NIGHT we go in to wake him for his night time feeding, we find him like this.  I really wish he could tell me why he likes to sleep like this (because he wants mommy to be vigilant with her prayers!) 

Matthan has discovered that he can pull his shade down on his car seat.  I think he gets a big kick out of himself.  The other day he pulled it down over his face and went to sleep, so I have a theory that he likes the light to be blocked when he is sleeping.  He loves to look around while he is in the car, and he doesn't like that the shade blocks his view.  We've seen him leaning forward trying to peep out from underneath it.  But he does not like the sun to be in his face, so we're at a stale mate.

"Look at my trick, Mommy"

Matthan loves to be outside doing pretty much anything.  He gets a kick out of the swing, but doesn't seem to be a huge fan of the slide just yet.  He smiles at pretty much everyone.  I rarely go to the store without at least one person or worker stopping by and talking to him in the cart.  We were at Home Depot the other day, and I kid you not, five employees came over separately and talked to him.  I'm kind of just use to it by now.  He brings happiness to everyone he meets.

He is sitting up quite successfully by himself, but still topples over occasionally so I usually have something to support him.  He seems pretty happy with this new skill.  He loves baths and has discovered the joy of splashing.  Mommy and Daddy need rain coats now when we bathe him.

He is so much more aware of the world and the things around him now.  He loves to watch people and "take it all in".  And of course, he is attracted to our computer, phones, etc.  I try to hold it out of reach when we're "Face Timing" with family, but he's pretty successful at hanging up on people.

He has gotten more wary of strangers and depending on his mood will cry if he gets handed off too soon.  He usually needs a few minutes in the arms of someone he knows before he adjusts and is cool with everyone around.  He is babbling and squealing and making all kinds of noises that make us giggle.  He has the best laugh, and we do all kinds of ridiculous things to hear it (see video at the end).

I hope that the smiley-est kid in the world has brought you some smiles today!