Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Week Old

Ok, so technically Matthan was 6 days old when this photo shoot occurred.  Sarah stayed with us for a couple days and threw together a photo shoot on our dining room table.  Tim came home in the middle of the photo shoot and together they produced some great pictures.

They took a ton of pictures, and at one point attempted to stuff Matthan into the cowboy boot...unsuccessfully.  Unfortunately, the memory card with those pictures corrupted.  

This is the hat and blanket that I made for him.

Not the best picture, but I love the close up

Matthan with the ukulele

Matthan was so calm and relaxed for almost an hour of them moving him and snapping pictures.  By the end of it, my dining room was torn apart, and he had peed on the table cloth, the sheets, and the boppy.  He did great...until they tried to stuff him in the boot...I think that was the final straw.


  1. Awww these are beautiful pictures of a seriously beautiful little boy!! His smile is absolutely enchanting :)

  2. Awww! Smooshie lips! I love my little nephew.