Thursday, July 2, 2015

Painting With Kids

We've been busy! At least that is my excuse for the silence here and I'm sticking to it. Our days are pretty much pool time, lunch, naps, etc, rinse and repeat. But the thunderstorms this week have limited our pool days. I've been messing around with art stuff as of late and decided to brave an activity with Little Man.

My first idea was to do "blow art" with food colors. Somebody did this with me as a child, and I thought it'd be fun.

Unfortunately, Little Man couldn't quite get the technique of blowing the food coloring down and it started seeping through the paper. So, plan number one was kind of a failure. 

Luckily, plan B was a great success. I pulled out some old cheapo water colors I've had laying around since high school, put an old youth group shirt to use, and voila! Child contained and entertained for roughly an hour, with the occasional paper and water change.

And it went great, until a precariously placed water cup (that contained a lot of paint) spilled...and well... very pregnant self was bending over and sitting on the floor trying to clean up the mess. That put an end to painting time (it was past lunch time and creeping into nap time anyway) and initiated sobbing from the previously happy two-year-old. Who cried because painting time was over. And then cried because he couldn't find his puppy. And then cried because he found his puppy. Which made me really want a nap. God bless Netflix, which ceased the crying long enough for me to get lunch ready, the kid fed, and down for a nap.

Oh well...all's well that ends with the two-year-old crying and paint on the walls, right?