Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas ~ Round 2

I think it's pretty great that we get to celebrate Christmas multiple times.  One of our Christmas presents from my sister and BIL was a date.  They watched Matthan and kicked us out to go to lunch and go bowling.  Well, if you know us, nothing can ever be simple when it comes to me and Tim doing something like going on a date.  We headed to one of the restaurants my sister had recommended, and it wasn't open for lunch.  Then we used Urbanspoon to find another restaurant, and it too was closed.  We stopped by an outdoor equipment store (to look around) and got a restaurant recommendation from the employees there, and finally ended up at a great restaurant that I highly recommend...except that I cannot remember the name of it...sorry...but it was really yummy. 

Preface: Every now and then I will send Tim a pin from Pinterest that I think might interest him, but I do not always read the pin before I send it to him.  This has gotten into trouble a couple of times.

Tim's sister had given us a date box for Christmas with questions to ask each other.  We forgot the questions and so I pulled up Pinterest remembering that I had pinned an article on fun questions to ask your spouse while on a date.  So I asked Tim to pick a random number, which led me to #27.... which was... "What is one thing that I do that annoys you?" (who came up with these "fun" questions to ask your spouse?")  To which he promptly replied, "Pin things without actually reading them first."  :/

So I said "okay, okay, pick a different question".  #34 "What is one thing that you would like to change about me?"...  (awesome :/  )

We all gathered at my dad's house for "Christmas morning" round 2.  Which included a yummy breakfast and opening gifts in the Bloomfield way, which includes, opening gifts from youngest to oldest and shooting your wrapping paper into the (laundry) basket.  

Matthan (taking nap), Tim, Amy, Grandpa Jim, Aunt Sarah, Maddox,
Davey, Lailey, Snow White (the reindeer balloon, named by Lailey)

Grandpa Jim

Aunt Sarah and Maddox

Mommy and Matthan

My sister gave me one of the best gifts ever.  She made a pendent out of lace from my mom's wedding dress... had. no. words.

Under the Christmas Tree

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas ~ Round 1

Merry Christmas everyone!!! We hope and pray that this time of year you and yours are well and blessed.  We stopped in Savannah for round one of Christmas happenings.  

They have a tradition in Savannah, where sometime the week before Christmas, Santa Clause comes around on a fire truck, announced by a obnoxious very loud speaker and blaring the sirens, to throw candy to the children.  This was the first time that I got to experience this tradition, and considering my child was already in bed when the sirens and speakers came blaring, the experience left me feeling a little bit like Scrooge.  Luckily, Little Man slept through it (I have no idea how), God bless that child.

Getting candy from Santa

Christmas Eve always includes meatless dishes like spaghetti with nut sauce and eggplant parmesan.  Christmas included a wonderful turkey (because my mother in law loves me) and Grandpa Peter's pecan pie.

Off to Christmas Eve mass

Ava (6), Joey (2), Grandma Mary, Matthan (4mos), Sophia (4)

Can you find the cutest gift?  :)

Christmas morning

Joey, Grandpa Peter, and Sophia

I am Batman!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Busy-ness

...also known as "another post with lots of pictures of Matthan"...but really, are you even interested in what The Hubs and I do these days?...we are not in denial as to why you stop by our blog.  :)  We are in the full swing of Advent, my favorite time of year.  We are preparing to go on another round trip of Georgia to visit both families for Christmas.  So while you're preparing your heart for the coming of baby Jesus, here are some picture of our little one.

Matthan and his first Christmas Tree

Happy (late) Saint Nicholas Day!!!

Matthan - 4 mos old

My little sleepy head