Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lost But Holding Hands Moments...

...with some random, unrelated photos mixed in.

Beautiful sunflowers that The Hubs bought me...perfect for fall

I've been pondering the idea of changing the name of our blog...just thinking maybe it didn't capture our lives very well. But then we have several moments in a row, me...solidify why we chose the title. Those moments that don't go quite how we thought they would (or hoped they would), but we're in it together. We've had several "lost but holding hands" moments in less than a week and I thought I'd share a few.

1. Tim and I have had a few glorious weekends recently that held no commitments, beautiful, cool fall weather, great food, and just...enjoying each other. We've enjoyed watching the UGA games on ESPN3 (we're a sans cable household). We thought it'd be fun to mix it up and join the crazy crowds at Taco Mac for the game and so we dressed up like good Georgia fans do and arrived at the restaurant promptly when the game was packed...we should've known. They told us the wait was an hour and fifteen minutes. It was already 7pm when we arrived (for those of you that know us well, know that we have a history of eating at retirement home times, so this was already late), and I was wilting rather quickly. So after 10 minutes of indecisiveness, we decided to pick up some fast food and watch the game at home. So we decided to splurge and pick up the fast food we each want (which of course was at separate places), and head home with the excitement of just vegging. We get home and the game is blacked out...meaning it's not available on sad

It's hot beverage weather!

2. I have been SUPER excited about Advent. It's one of my favorite times of the year. And, I detest Halloween (another story for another day), so in my normal fashion I've skipped over Halloween in my brain and have gone straight to planning for Advent (last year we went camping Halloween weekend, and I was able to pretend that it didn't even exist...camping trip already planned for this year too). After MUCH deliberation over numerous nativity sets, I finally found one that fit 99% of my criteria and was a decent price. I finally pulled the trigger and waited in earnest for my set to arrive. The day finally came and the (unnecessarily) GIANT box was dropped on my doorstep. I opened the box...only to find...

St. Joseph's lantern was broken. Ok, ok, minor flaw to some...but then I found...

Disturbing, isn't it.

NOT a minor flaw!!! Baby Jesus...slightly important to the nativity set, no? I mean, I would at least like our (hypothetical) 5 year old to have a whole, intact nativity set to break, not an already broken one. I was quite demoralized. A prompt phone call, and a new St. Joseph and Baby Jesus was put in the mail. I only had to laugh when the second (unnecessarily) GIANT box arrived and I pulled this out...

Giant bubble wrap

Do you see Baby Jesus amidst the GIANT bubble wrap. LOL! I guess they wanted to make sure that he arrived safely this time.

I also was excited to buy candles for our Advent wreath since last year I went a week or so early and they were already out of them at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I figured a month ahead was better safe than sorry. I got my candles home and promptly stuck them in the freezer (did you know they don't drip if you do that?). I was feeling very accomplished in my super early planning for Advent...until I knocked one of the candles out of the freezer and watched it shatter on the floor. WAH, Wah, wah. Candle has since been replaced and placed in the back of the freezer so I can't knock it out.

3. Tim ordered an FM transmitter for his car (after his other one bit the dust...I mean no disrespect...but for those of you that know The Hubs, you know what a big feat it is for him to actually buy something for himself). He was very excited about this, and took the opportunity when it arrived to plug it in right away since I was tied up with a phone call. He came back up only to inform me that it did not work...he had to send it back.

This is how things often work out for us...but we're holding hands through it all. :)

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