Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

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With a home decorating theme...

Framed napkins from my grandmother-in-law

It only took us ten months...but we finally decorated our apartment. Oh, I know what you're thinking..."in the last post you have paintings on the wall and the living room looks so put together" Yes, our living room has things on the wall and a few knickknacks to make our guests think that our apartment is put together...but the rest of the apartment was We stumbled upon Hobby Lobby's 50% off sale and that provided just enough to get the process started.

The frames above were a thrift store find that I spray-painted (still unhappy with the color, but too lazy to change it), and they now hold beautiful napkins given to me by my grandmother-in-law.

The best day of my life so far...maybe I should have put this under "happy"

We actually have pictures OF US on the walls now! The frame is from Hobby Lobby and the picture needs no explanation as to why it's pretty...isn't Father Adam just so pretty ;)


The clock is also from Hobby Lobby (I'm not intentionally promoting their store, but in the way of inexpensive craft and decorations, they are one of the best). I did talk them into giving me 60% off since the hands were bent and it had marker on it (The Hubs fixed that easy enough)...I've been told that I like to haggle. Haggling, and having decorations and pictures up on the wall makes it feel so home-y now, and that makes me so happy. And the clock makes me happy...isn't it fun and colorful?


I'll give you 3 guesses as to why I'm in this pose

Do I look a little silly? Well, I sliced my finger pretty badly while cleaning the glass in the frames, and it would not stop bleeding, so The Hubs made me hold my hand above my head. Well, I was just too darn impatient to let my injury slow me down so when Tim walked around the corner, this is what he saw...and then he took a picture. He was quite amused.


And because no home-decorating project ever goes completely right... Tim promptly drug out his tools to hang our new decorations on the wall, and after 5 seconds...the drill died...and the spare battery was dead...postponing the project by 45 minutes while we waited for it to charge. In the mean time I drove him crazy with "a little higher", "a hair to the right, no left", "it's crooked", as he graciously hung pictures on the wall for me...all the while with my hand in the air. That's life in the Zack house.

Pictures hanging in our hallway

round button chicken

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  1. You must be happy that things are shaping up - good foryou!