Friday, September 30, 2011

A Tour For Grandma

This is what you would see first if you came to our apartment

The fates have been against us when it comes to my grandma seeing my apartment while she is in Georgia (and by fates, I mean my sister and two kids who hog my grandmother while she's here...I guess a two-year-old and newborn are cuter than we are...I'm TOTALLY teasing by the way...about them hogging her...not about them being cuter...they are...I've accepted this...I digress). Either way, my grandmother has seen only one of my apartments (the ugliest one unfortunately) and so I decided she should get a tour of this one, even if only digitally. The video gives you the layout and then you can stare at the pictures knowing where they fit into the scheme of things.

I have 3 4 prefaces to this video: 1) It was a crazy windy day, you may have to turn your volume up to hear me. 2) I confess that we are human, and our apartment is cluttered, not magazine-like, we've (read as "Amy has") been slacking on decorating, and 95% of the clutter/mess is my fault (I'm sadly serious about this). 3) The video goes kind of fast because the camera would shut off on me, in a "you've-talked-too-much-on-this-clip-already" kind of way. 4) YES, I do know that I say "super" and "cute" a lot in the video. No mocking please.

Enjoy the video and pictures!

The living room...oops, I already cluttered the picture with my shoes, camera bag, and computer...oh well.

Guido swam up and posed for the picture.  See our cool lamp that was a thrifty find?

It needs a grandmother in it to make some yummy fish chowder ;)

Those sunflowers are on their way out, but they made the place so cheery.

Our blackout shades make it very dark (hmmm, kind of the point, no?).  This is with the lights on, the shades don't like to stay open.

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  1. Oh good grief, if THAT'S what you call cluttered, you have NO IDEA. I pick up THREE times that much clutter, approximately FIVE times EVERY day. And that's actually not much of an exaggeration. Your apartment is not as bad as you think. Cute, actually. "Super cute." :)