Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

So we have accomplished very little decorating in our apartment. I think this is somewhat due to being burnt out on moving and redecorating several times, but probably due partly to laziness and the thought that we might move again soon so why bother (well, that's me, I can't speak for the Hubs). But I'm learning to bloom where I'm planted and part of that is making the best out of my circumstances, including improving what I can around me and being at peace with what I can't. I'm being renewed in my passion for making this our "home" instead of just the place we live in. Didn't expect such insightfulness (yes, I made up a word) to accompany simple pictures of our decorating, did ya?

Our living room is my favorite room (and the only one that we've decorated, which is convenient that it is the first room you come into and where people hang out). It distracts our guests from realizing that the rest of our walls are bare. This frame is on your left on a small wall when you walk in our door past our coat closet. It contains an assortment of scrapbook paper, and it's kind of funky, which I like. I accidentally cut off our cute key hook/mail holder, oops. It's bright and cheery and make me happy.

At this point (in case you were wondering), I could have taken a big shot of our living room...but then I would have had to clean I masterly shot around the clutter. :) It was either clean or blog...I choose procrastination.

We love mantels, and decorating them. Oh, did I mention that all of our cute decorations somehow migrated into the living room which is maybe #12 why we have not decorated elsewhere...cuz everything is in the living room. The paintings originally hung in our bedroom. I painted them, and they have our wedding vows etched into the primer (which you can't see unless you get close). The candle holder was originally on our table. Oh, in the pictures I somehow missed the 5 instruments that live in our small living room. I don't mind as long as the Hubs plays them. Oh, 5 is a lot you say? HAHAHA, that does not include the other instruments in the closets...I'm living in a music store people. We need to have kids so we can have a band and I can have good music all the time.

The cake topper from our wedding has survived 3 (4?) moves and now sits on our mantle

This is on the same wall as the front door, and has the recent-ish new addition of another of my paintings (for sale, BTW), and the awesome quilt made by my MIL. She had no idea that we had decorated in navy blue and lime green, but it goes perfectly. It's in the picture for your benefit, but it's rarely sits there since it's the perfect size to cuddle under.

I love funky and bright pillows. The ones in the picture are from Ikea (as are our curtains, not pictured). These are the two funky ones, the other ones are just green and blue. They're so comfy. You're welcome to come over and take a nap with our comfy pillows and quilt...I wouldn't mind the company.

The pillow background is white, but the light wasn't good (and neither is the photographer). Don't you love polka dots? Hope you enjoyed the mini tour. If you have any decorating tips/suggestions for the rest of my rooms, please send them my way. The bedroom has caused me great anxiety, and my husband says I'm no longer allowed to order bed linens off the internet. Actually, if someone wants to call Vern or Genevieve and plead our case that we deserve a beautiful, professionally decorated bedroom...I wouldn't mind :)

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