Thursday, August 9, 2012

40 Weeks ~ D-day

I am 40 weeks pregnant...with no signs of the little one wanting to make an appearance.  However, knowing that it is very common for first time moms to go past their due date (which is really the estimated due date), I took my sister's advice to leave projects for the end to keep me busy.  Ok, Ok...truthfully, I'm a giant procrastinator, but it this case, it has served me well and I'm having fun working on stuff instead of staring at my belly waiting to go into labor.

40 Weeks

The nursery isn't 100% finished...I'm not sure it will ever be...but it is done to my nesting satisfaction.  You can see some "before" shots of the nursery here.

Changing table and little bookshelf

The little bookshelf given to us by a friend worked out perfectly.  I way over estimated the paint I needed to complete the painting on the nursery wall, so the little bookshelf got a spruce and I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

Books and Pooh

Larry the moose... named by Tim

My SIL brought us a glider and ottoman, and it rocks!  (harharhar).  It is really comfy and houses the adorable quilt made by my MIL.  You can see a better picture of the quilt here.

And without further ado...the finished nursery wall painted by yours truly!  Ta-da!

The canvases were also done by me, inspired by a couple different pictures on Pinterest.

Our adorable crib stuff that started the whole thing.

So, there is the nursery!  It's ready for an adorable baby, don't you think?  I think Sprout might be a little too comfy in there...if only he/she knew how cute their room was... :D

Tim's favorite toy.


  1. Love the canvases! You're so creative! Good luck, we'll be thinking of you guys!

  2. Love the Owl theme, books, and the Owl family canvases are too cute! Praying for you guys!

  3., so, sweet! Treasures!

  4. Wow, love love the painting! The tree and owl are so cute, great job! So happy I could help with the inspiration and hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth and comfortable!

    Morgan @ PDB