Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nursery in Progress

Over the past week or two, among other house projects, we have slowly been getting things together in the nursery.  We have put together the crib, swing, and changing table, and painted the room...and by we, I mean my dear Hubby of course.  I supervised from the camping chair we have in the room and took pictures.  

Pieces laid out, surveying the instructions

The day that we received the crib from Tim's parents (thank you Grandpa Peter and Grandma Mary!), Tim broke into the box and started putting it together.  I posted real time updates of the work on Facebook and the posts received funny responses like some of Tim's friends cheering him on. :)

Lots of pieces and my supervisor chair

Looking like a crib!

It's amazing how something that is supposed to hold something so small can be so big and create so much trash in the process....that's ok, it made for great compost (another house project).

Almost done!

He finished the crib around 10:30 and I was thinking we were headed to bed when he instantly broke into the baby swing box.  He had told me earlier that there was probably only a couple pieces and would be really quick to put together.

Took a second to pose for me :)
Then he opened the box, and it had a lot more pieces than he had anticipated.  He was not intimidated.  I think he has a gift when it comes to putting things together.  I should have timed him.

More pieces, more instructions

And done!

Finished crib and swing
The former house owners used this room as their nursery and it had a Dr. Seuss theme.  While I love the color yellow, the yellow in this room was "Oh My Goodness! Yellow!" (shouldn't Home Depot hire me to name their paint colors?).  Anyway, it was not exactly what we had in mind.

When I sent my SIL a text message with the finished crib, she replied "it looks good against the yellow."  I asked her if she was being sarcastic, and her reply was "Yes...unless you decided to keep the yellow...and then it looks great!"   I laughed so loud Tim came out of the room to see if everything was ok.  :)  

Goodbye yellow!

So we painted the nursery "cotton knit"... otherwise known as ... white.  Yep, we're that boring.  We have plans to add color, we just liked the idea of a neutral on the wall.  Here are some ideas for the room.  

Our inspiration for colors we want to use in the nursery
 We would like to paint this tree on the wall and hopefully do the shelves as well.  I have some other ideas for artwork as well...but we'll see what we actually get to before our little Sprout comes.

Picture and inspiration from Pepper Design Blog

 For now, here is the crib and the changing table (from my dad, thanks Grandpa Jim!) against the cotton knit.  And if you look closely, you can see the cute crib sheet and blanket.  It's a work in progress :)

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