Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whoooooo's Having a Baby Shower

This weekend, my sister, and Tim's sister and mom, threw us a baby shower!  Our family and friends came from far and wide for the occasion.  It was fun to finally have decent space to host people.

Ava and Uncle Tim bowling on the Wii

She got several strikes but I think he beat her in the end :)

Setting up for the shower

"Family Tree" art that guests put their finger print as a "leaf" and then signed their name


The shower was owl themed, inspired by our cute nursery stuff.  The food and decorations were amazing!  I mean, I knew it was going to be awesome, but truly they exceeded our expectations.  We had barbecue, fruit, veggies, cole slaw, pasta salad, and owl cupcakes.  I'm hungry now.

"Whooooo wants Fooood?"

They were almost too cute to eat....almost :)

There were three owls that Lailey (our niece) named Bippity, Boppity, and Boo
There were so many cute details.  Ava decided that even Guido needed to get festive for the occasion.

One of the games required everyone to guess how big around I was by cutting a piece of string.  No one had a string that was too short.  :)

Nope, too long

Tim was pretty far off

They had to choose pink or blue string depending on whether they thought Sprout was a girl or boy.  LOL, we couldn't tell them who was right even if we wanted to.  I think about 2/3 voted "boy".

Beautiful quilt from Tim's mom for the nursery

We received some wonderful things for Sprout.

Jenny, Andrew, and Ashley

Charlie and Marilyn

Penny, Sarah, Mary (the winner of the string game), and Matthew

Our kid is going to look very cute in the clothes we received

Perfect fit :)

Clothes were pinned to the banner as we opened them

He pokes me a lot so I thought I'd get him back

Trying to get a good pregnancy pic...almost got it
Everything was wonderful.  All the owl decorations were so cute and the food was so yummy.  We're still living off the left overs.  In the end, pretty much everything had been turned into a cute owl decoration.... everything...

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