Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Month Old

Our little boy is growing so quickly.  He has started to smile, but sort of randomly.  In his first few weeks, sometimes his arms would flail upward and we call this his "thriller moves" because it looks like the dance moves from the Michael Jackson video "Thriller".  He now likes his bath time, and squirms a lot in the bath.  We sometimes call him "little scrunch face" because when I wake him up to feed him, and I unswaddle him, his arms fly up in a BIG STRETCH and he scrunches up his face.  He also does it when he finishes nursing.  I wish I could capture him doing this on camera.  Here are a few pictures we did manage to get.

1 day old

6 days old

1 month old

1 month old

1 month old

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