Saturday, February 12, 2011

HiKing, Kookies, and Knights

With the lack of cute kids and funny pets, our lives are not that interesting on a daily basis, so I'm including a few fun things in one post. We are settling back into N. GA and our apartment only has a couple boxes left (probably going to stay as permanent fixtures). So we decided to explore the beauty around us last weekend and to go hiking. Our first stop was a park in Gainesville that was recommended to us. We arrived at the park and felt that the area was...well...a little sketchy...and, oh yeah, had no hiking trail. Then we realized we hadn't driven quite far enough and the park we finally got to see was pretty with several picnic benches and grills that I'm sure will be fun when the weather gets warmer...but no real hiking trail. So we decided to continue our adventure and try a park in Buford that I found online that offers hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, etc. We arrived at the park...and it was closed for the season. However, you can walk down the path to view the Buford dam.

Phone pic of us at Buford Dam

We were able to stay only a few minutes before realizing the hiking trails were open, but we had to leave to make it back for church...dam... (haha...ok...bad pun).

So in lieu of the impending Valentine's Day (and because I have way too much time on my hands), I decided to make cookies for our young adults group at church. But these are not just any cookies...they are my grandmother's recipe...which I attempted to make in ended with me in tears and very pathetic cookies. Needless to say, it's a difficult recipe. BUT...I thought I'd give it another try.


They were a success! Not as good as my grandma's, but hey, I don't think you get those powers until you're a grandma. Our young adults group enjoyed them, and I also sent some to work with Tim. I'm guessing they enjoyed them because in place of the platter I sent with him, was this...

Guess they liked my cookies :D

Yum...yum...(that's the sound of me enjoying a cookie :) ).

This morning we got to enjoy the outdoors and do some service at the same time. Tim is a Knight of Columbus (KofC) (if you don't know what that is, look it up, and this morning we helped the knights clean up the church property including some trails behind the church.  It was a beautiful, cold morning, and we got a lot of work done!

I was cold!

And they say knights don't exist these days...

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  1. Amers, you gotta quit knocking your blog. It's quite cute! And for the record, I liked your dam joke (get it? Hehehehe.)