Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orienteering...say what?

When I told some people that we were going to go orienteering this weekend, I got some confused looks in return. I completely understand since that was my response when Tim told me that orienteering was what he wanted to do. Orienteering is the "international sport of navigation using a map and compass". So today we headed out to one of the two permanent orienteering courses in Georgia at Sweetwater Creek State Park, and met up with my dad. Tim taught us some basics of orienteering and we headed out on the four mile course. The first half of the trail was along a river, and the second half of the trail led us more into the woods.  Along the way we got to see the beautiful river, a cotton mill ruins, and swarms of butterflies. And since you're reading this post, it means I didn't get us terribly lost with my amateur orienteering skills.  Enjoy the pictures!

Tim and Amy by the river

Dad at the "control post".  Yay! We went the right way!

Cotton Mill ruins

Tim and Dad skipping rocks on the river

Some butterflies huddled together

View of the river

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