Monday, July 4, 2011

Charleston, Roommates, and Anniversary

We normally go away on 4th of July weekend for our anniversary. This year we decided to forego the anniversary trip to go to Charleston and visit Tim's college roommates, Austin (who lives in Charleston), and Ben who was returning from the Eukraine after more than two years in the Peace Corps. I lovingly call all four roommates my "Welch Boys" (Welch Place was the name of the apartment complex we all lived in during college...moment of silence for the awesome times in Welch Place). We soaked up a lot of sun on the beach, ate a lot of good food, and hung out at Austin's new bachelor pad.

Tim and Austin eating amazing food from the farmer's market.  Lemon crepes and Vietnamese good!

Tim and me by the water at Red's Ice House

Taking pics of Austin while waiting for a table.  You can't beat the food and prices at Red's.

Up to no good, I'm sure.

We went to Starbucks to do  Tim, Austin, and Ben (love the face)  :)

My Welch Boys with their man bags

We of course did NOT miss fireworks. We sat on the beach with drinks and cigars in hand while watching a handful of firework shows pop up around us and listening to a group of VERY LOUD (and probably intoxicated) people sing American pride songs.

Even though we gave up our anniversary weekend, this did not stop my sweet husband from waking up early on our anniversary and walking (our car was blocked in) down to the store to buy me a dozen roses and Dunkin Donuts (does he know the way to my heart or what?).

Happy 3rd Anniversary my love!

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