Sunday, August 7, 2011

An Aunt's Perspective

Maddox David Akin was born last night. I don't have any pictures yet because I was taking pictures on my sister's camera the whole time. So here's one side of the story...

Friday night I got a call around 11:45pm from my sister to tell me that her water broke in the kitchen. I asked her if I needed to come then and she said no, just go to bed and she'll call me if she progresses significantly (I was thinking, "I am in bed silly, why were you not in bed"). I woke up around 8am to my cousin texting me to ask if I'd heard any more news, but I hadn't. I called my sister after a bit and she was having contractions, was laughing at the entertainment provided by her awesome doula, Lindsey, and her husband, Davey, and was making cookies for the nurses. (Davey later laughed about how every time he left the hospital room he could hear the nurses whispering "oh, there's the cookie guy", LOL). So I went about my business making plans to go grocery shopping, etc (my day was planned for excitement, can't you tell?). I talked to Sarah a couple more times, each time labor had progressed more, but she was wanting to hang out at home as long as possible.

I was just about to arrive at a restaurant to eat lunch with Tim when I got the call that they were heading to the hospital. I went ahead and ate lunch, drove home, through a bag of stuff together, and left my husband to entertain himself for the evening. I drove the hour to Atlanta Medical Center (my sister had to pick a hospital in the middle of Atlanta off of one of the worst bottleneck exits). When I got there, my aunt, uncle, cousin, and Davey's mom and dad, brother and sister-in-law were hanging out in the waiting room. Davey came out to get me and as we turned to walk back to the room everyone started putting up a fuss. We realized that they just wanted an update :).

When I got there, Sarah was having some pretty strong contractions but was still walking around, making jokes, eating fruit snacks...etc. There was a birthing pool in the room, but other than that the room looked like a standard hospital room. At different points Lindsey would explain things to me or tell me what to expect. I really enjoyed having her there and seeing her and Davey encouraging and guiding Sarah was really an amazing experience. I was in charge of periodically texting our family with updates. Between Sarah, Davey, and Lindsey, I was entertained the whole time. Lindsey said that it was the most fun she had had in a birthing room. Sarah continued to progress steadily and it looked like we were going to have a baby by dinnertime. She got into the birthing pool and said that it felt amazing...unfortunately it felt so good that it seemed to really slow down her labor. She hung out in the pool for a while; we enjoyed the cool view of Atlanta from her room and watch a thunderstorm come in and out. It was so peaceful it almost seemed like her labor had stopped.

Around 8pm, I went out and had some dinner in the waiting room with everyone, but couldn't stay out there for long. I just felt better being in the room with her. Her labor significantly picked up, and Maddox David arrived at 11:04pm. They hadn't told anyone what the sex was, and I couldn't get close enough to see (I was standing out of the way behind the birthing pool to get a good shot with the camera), so after what seemed like forever (which was probably 20-30 seconds) they said it was a boy! He was 8lbs 7oz, 21'' long. He immediately started nursing. Lindsey videotaped and I took pictures of Davey coming out to everyone and telling them it was a boy. Maddox (I told my sister I was going to call him "M-diggy", she glared) is a beautiful boy. He seemed really peaceful after only one cry. I was really blessed to be a part of the experience.

I got home around 1:30am, and went to bed.

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