Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Photo Shoot

We met my family at Piedmont Park in Atlanta and went to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Father's Day.  My sister had her camera and we ended up doing an impromptu photo shoot.  It resulted in 

Photo bomb #1

Photo bomb #2

Tim looking dazed

33 weeks
Photo preface:  While attending a hospital orientation a couple weeks ago, we got to meet several people that offered pregnancy care such as prenatal massage, birthing attendant's, birth classes, etc.  We met some kooky people but by far there was one doula that just was off the kooky chart in our book.  While scouring Awkward Family, I swear I found her in a picture, and immediately e-mailed it to Tim.

So, in honor of said photo...

I think we took some really good photos too, but I think my sister just quickly e-mailed me these for my amusement.  That's ok, these are probably truer to real life anyway :)

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  1. Sadly, no, I didn't get any "good" photos! It was just an off day for you two, and me too. There were good ones of you, good ones of Tim, but none together. Ah well, the photobombs are better anyway. So THAT'S what he was doing poking your stomach. I get it now. :)