Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving ~ Round 1

This is a very busy time of year for us.  We debated several different options of how we were going to spend the holidays this year, and after much angst we circled back to doing what we have always done which is visit both families over the four day Thanksgiving weekend - meaning a lot of driving, a lot of packing and repacking, but a lot of turkey and a lot of family and good times.  In the end, it was worth it.  Not sure if we will do it the same way next year, but we'll worry about that next year.  A few photos from this month first...

There was a halloween party and costume contest at Tim's work so of course we had to dress up our cute little boy.  My sister had passed down this tiger costume and it went perfectly with Tim's cowboy costume, because what more does a cowboy need than his tiger? :)  Matthan wasn't so sure.

What every cowboy needs...his tiger :)

Cute little face

We went shopping for Matthan's first Christmas tree before leaving for the holidays.  Clearly he was excited.  Only real Christmas trees in this house.  Smells. So. Good.

I had a wedding shower to attend one weekend so Tim decided to test out his early Christmas present (thanks Grandma Mary!) and take our Little Man for a hike.  Little Man technically isn't big enough, but Tim made it work by padding Matthan with some cloth diapers.  Necessity is the mother of invention!

Cloth diapers make great pillows :)

On our whirlwind Thanksgiving weekend, we visited Tim's family in Savannah first.  We took Matthan to the playground for the first time.  I think he quite enjoyed it.

Mommy and Matthan on the slide

Grandma Mary and Matthan

We tried to feed the ducks, but every time we tried to move to a new area to feed the ducks, the geese would swarm around us.  They were SO LOUD and squawked just a couple feet away from our heads and Matthan just sat there, calm as could be, blissfully unaware that these geese were flying close enough to eat him.

Yes, that goose really is only 2 feet from my head

Grandma Mary, Tim, Grandpa Peter, and a tired (but cute!) Matthan

We spend lots of time with family, and of course the cousins love their "Baby Matthan".  They just could not get enough of him.

Grandpa Peter, Joey, Ava, Aunt Penny, Matthan, and Sophia

Matthan has discovered his thumb.  It is the cutest thing ever (to me anyway).  He hasn't quite finessed this talent yet as he ends up palming his entire face.

And of course, our Little Man continues to smile :) 

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