Saturday, March 9, 2013

Visiting Grandma

Matthan ~ 7 mos old
This weekend we traveled to Savannah to help Grandma Mary celebrate her birthday.  Matthan had a wonderful time, as he always does, with his grandparents and cousins fawning over him.  

We decided to get some outdoor time by going treasure hunting.  Well, that's what we told the kids we were doing.  Geocaching is treasure hunting for adults...with technology, but treasure hunting sounds way more exciting to a 2 and 4 year old.

So, I have a tip for geocaching treasure hunting with small children.  I highly recommend knowing where the treasure is buried before taking the kids.  We thought we knew exactly where it was since we have hunted this particular geocache down before.  Unfortunately, we were a little off the mark of where we thought it was, which leads to more (unintended) walking, which leads to more tired children (and adults), which leads to grumpiness.  

Joey, Matthan, and Sophia

But alas!  We finally found it. 

The space ship retrieved from the treasure box

Baby Matthan and Aunt Penny

Fun was had by all!  And then we helped Grandma Mary celebrate her birthday!  Happy Birthday Grandma Mary!  We all love you :)

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