Thursday, October 2, 2014

Family Camping ~ Part 3 (phfr)

And we continue with Part 3 of the camping saga, {pretty, happy, funny, real} style.

round button chicken


We could not have asked for better weather this weekend and I just love waterfalls.  So my "pretty" is Part 1 of our Family Camping saga.  Click on the picture to read more about our hike in Part 1.

Click on picture to read Part 1


I would definitely have to say the "real" of the trip was my probably unreasonable high expectations for the trip which were disappointed several times.  I also didn't realize how much work chasing a two-year-old was going to be when our camping trips have usually been relaxing, slower-paced ones; not to mention we were coming off a week of several very late nights, so sleep deprivation probably had something to do with my lack of patience and energy.  So if you want to see cute pictures of animals and read about how much my expectations set me up for disappointment, go read the details of Part 2.  It includes me being able to spit on my neighbor (but didn't) and has been updated with pictures of me learning how to milk a cow.

Click on picture for Part 2

{Happy and Funny}

I have to say that Matthan slept really well in the tent.  He started fussing around 4am because he had kicked his blankets off and it was cold.  He quieted as soon as I covered him up and slept til 7am (not bad).  Our plan was to pack up and go for a quick hike before grabbing lunch on our way home.  This meant that I had to find entertainment for Matthan while Tim packed up all of the gear.  Our camping neighbors were playing in the stream that bordered one side of our site and Matthan wanted to join.

After he walked around for a while with the kids next to us, he went for the (almost) full immersion route...

...I'm pretty sure he spent at least an hour in the water.

"Plunking" rocks

Playing with mud

He needs a haircut 

"wash hands"

We finally pulled him out of the stream, which was timely, because I think that a few more minutes would have turned him into a Matthan popsicle.  I got him all changed and cozy.

Watching the trout and ducks

There was a tiny lake (i.e. glorified large puddle) that was stocked with trout.  Tim said it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.  We just had fun watching the ducks.

There were a couple of waterfalls to hike to and we were told that the coolest one was a five minute walk.  So we started up a path...that quickly turned into an 8inch wide, 55 degree angle, heart attack high intensity cardio workout.  So, you know, five minutes if you're a professional athlete.  So we tossed Matthan into the backpack, not wanting him to fall off of the narrow path, and continued to climb to the waterfall.  The path landed us near the top of the waterfall, and we did not have it in us to climb down to the bottom, because we'd then have to climb back up.  So a quick "that's a neat waterfall...ok, let's go get lunch" and we headed back to the car trying not to fall down the crazy path to our death.  

We stopped in Helen for lunch.

Completely unrelated, but does anyone else find it amusing that the Oktoberfest parade is not in October?  

We were eating lunch when I saw this sign that said "The City of Helen is a Nose Sensitive Area..." and I made the comment that I thought it was funny and that I wasn't sure what to think of a sign like this.  Tim just gave me a funny look. 

Thirty minutes later as we were leaving I snapped a picture to send to my sister, and finally Tim said, "You do know that it says "NOISE sensitive area"."    


I do now.

We stopped at a creamery, that I had heard was good, on the way home, and I felt a little guilty eating ice-cream while Matthan was sleeping in his carseat.  But then he woke up and I gave him the last couple bites.  The smile on his face was priceless... like a kid in a candy shop...or a kid...eating know.

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