Monday, February 9, 2015

The Cuteness is Back! (7 Quick Takes Style)

I think it's safe to say that the best word to describe this here blog for the last several months as of late would be "silence". And as some of you have been lovingly nagging reminding me, you do need your dose of cuteness (and I'm sure my mundane ramblings) on a more regular basis...well, I aim to please. So without further ado...

~ 1 ~

He's back! One big dose of two-and-a-half-year-old cuteness right here. Weighing in at "starting to wear my back out" pounds and standing at "on the floor with his feet on my coffee table" feet high, it's the Little Man you've all missed. His current catchphrases are "Oh my gracious!" and "Oh bothuh" (Oh bother), both of which he got from Winnie the Pooh. 

Although, my favorite recent Matthan quote would have to be as he hopped over his nativity set on his way to running to the bathroom, "EXCUSE ME BABY JESUS!! I HAVE TO GO POTTY!!"

And yes, the sheep always goes on top of the tree. I don't know why.

~ 2 ~

I do have many excuses as to why it's been so quiet around here (on the blog that is, obviously, there is a two year old in the house, so it's not quiet around here, you know what I mean). I have two big announcements! But I can only share one of them with you today. I know, I'm terrible. I launched another blog! Because clearly, I'm so great at keeping up with blogs. 

No but seriously, as promised by myself last year via social media, was launched in January! It is my musings on the world of food and nutrition and my attempts to merge that world with my "I've got to get food on the table for my husband and son" world. It's gonna be great. Please go check it out! 

~ 3 ~

And if that wasn't enough, we have several house projects going on. We decided we're going to paint our living room. But because I have major color commitment issues, our living room looks like this: 


The guy at Home Depot made fun of me for my five samples. The sixth sample came from a friend who has a five gallon bucket of paint left over from a  project. But in my defense, our living room has vaulted ceilings and I fear that my husband will never ever do a painting project for me again once he's done with this monumental task so the color has to be the right one on the first try. And it's going in our hallways and probably in our dining room and kitchen too. So like I said.

The Hubs decided that if we were going to paint the living room then this was the time to fix the door casings that the previous owners' cat had mutilated. So he ripped off the door casing, but then realized he couldn't hammer during nap time/bed time so it looked like this for over a week in my house.

~ 4 ~

I really think that we were bitten by a radioactive "desperately needs to do house projects" spider, because if all of the other things weren't enough, we've decided to try to have a garden again this year. This really makes no sense for our season of life right now, but that's not stopping us. I mean, if my lack of gardening skill and my reputation for not watering the garden weren't enough to stop us nothing will. I got this seed catalog in the mail, and we just couldn't help ourselves. If we get one white watermelon (The Hubs' idea) out of this, it'll be a success.

Doesn't this just promise to be awesome

~ 5 ~ 

Matthan helped us pick out the seeds and by that I mean he ate popcorn and M&M's while Mommy and Daddy discussed garden plans until he ran out and then climbed all over the bed modeling my gardening hat. He has been quite the little helper though. He helps make his own oatmeal in the morning (which I'll have to tell you about some time). He makes me "green soup" in the bath tub (see the little green cup of water below), sometimes with a car crouton.

Me: "What are you making?"
Matthan: "Green soup."
Me: "What is in green soup?"
Matthan: "Sugar!"
Me: "What else goes in green soup?"
Matthan (stated matter of fact-ly): ""

~ 6 ~

We've been enjoying the chaos of weekly toddler time at the library especially since we're stuck inside most days. Matthan loves getting new books and he won't wait until he gets home; he has to have them the moment we get in the car.

When story time is over, the kids play on the steps and the stage that has a ramp. Matthan asks for the ramp every week. He runs the same path - across the stage, down the ramp, and up the steps, back down the steps, up the ramp, and across the stage - over and over and over until I tell him it's time to go. 

He always leans against the same spot on the wall.

~ 7 ~

There was an unfortunate mishap at library time the other day. You should have seen the other kid.

Just kidding. The mishap was with an ink stamp but I was concerned that people at the grocery store might judge it as a black eye. Matthan was clearly unaffected.

Well that's all folks! I'm linking up with Kelly over at her blog: Go check her out! 

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