Thursday, April 7, 2011

No More Guilt

I have found myself, in recent years, shying away from gushing about my husband (could be that I didn't have a husband until recent years, but I digress).  There are those moments that EVERYONE wants to know about whether it's your family member or the waitress who just took your know those you you started you got engaged.  But then nobody seems to want to know what happens after that.  Is it because for a lot of people those moments end?

I've had this scenario happen to me several times:  I'm having a conversation with a group of women and our conversation sparks my memory about something wonderful my husband did for me.  So I proceed to tell the story that just popped into my head...and then it happens...I watch as their faces change to disappointment (or some other expression)...and slowly they disengage from the conversation and return back to their work or whatever they can to show they're done talking.  Several times it has seemed like they're disappointed with their own husbands so they just aren't interested in hearing about a great husband.  (I can say this because women are pretty verbal when it comes to...well, everything...and the subject of husbands comes up pretty easily, so you generally know when a husband is slacking in the romance department).  So what normally follows is that I feel guilty.....WHY???

Why should I feel guilty for  having such a wonderful husband?  I DON'T think I SHOULD.  I no longer want to feel guilty that I picked a good...excuse me...ROCKIN' husband.  God knows I prayed for a good one since...I don't know...I played with Barbie and Ken?  So no more.  My husband is an amazing man who has continued to give me several wonderful moments since we were married, and I WANNA SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOP (I'm not gonna, cuz I live in a top floor apartment and the roof is a little high).

So here is my latest favorite from the wonderful things my hubby has done for me...story, sans guilt:

Words and love notes mean A LOT to me.  I recently wrote a couple of quotes on my side of the mirror for inspiration.  Over the past couple weeks my side of the mirror has completely filled up with messages from my husband (I had to move to his side to do my makeup).  Every couple days I've walked in to the bathroom to find another message that completely warms my heart and makes my eyes tear up.  I don't think he knew just how much it meant.

SO, ALL YOU (3) PEOPLE THAT READ MY BLOG!  I want to know some of your moments since you've been married...or started dating...or fell in love with Jesus (for the singles, oh wait, I don't think any of you read my blog, oh well).  I would love to hear about something wonderful your significant other did for you in the comments section....sans guilt.


  1. You make a mother proud, for you know the most important thing to me is for Tim to be a great husband and that he has found someone who truly loves him in return. Always enjoy each other for there will be days when that will be hard. But true love is patient and carries you through and combine that with faith and you've got it made.

    Be happy always!


  2. I know I have you to thank for the amazing man that my husband is and the example that you live for us everyday. I brag about my awesome mom-in-law all the time.

    Love you!

  3. My husband is amazing! When I think of a specific, wonderful, bring-tears-to-your-eyes example like yours, I'll post it. But for now, I thank God every day that I have such a supportive husband. He defends me all the time: to his parents, to my family, when I lost my job, when work has me down. He is always on my side, always building me up, always making my life easier and better. It was startled when I found out my friend's husbands aren't like that. We're the lucky ones, Amy!