Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The National Guard Does It Too

This weekend we went hiking again at Red Top Mountain where we previously went camping with my sister and her family, and unsuccessfully did their orienteering course (we ran out of time looking for a control post we swear had been removed or knocked down or something).  So we headed back to Red Top Mountain to conquer the orienteering course that had conquered us.  We decided to make it even more fun by doing the course backwards.  We were very successful although we did have a little help.  A couple of control posts were easy to find because as we hiked around the mountain and would come over a hill, we would spot a cluster of the national guard working on the course as well, at which point I told Tim, "So, I'm pretty sure I know where the next control is" :D.

Working the course backward ended up working in our favor.  The control posts are set up in such a way that if you are coming at the next control from the correct direction, the post is sideways to you so you can't just look for the post, you actually have to find the spot using the map and compass.  Had we not been doing the course backward, I think we would have missed the post again...

See all the craziness around the post?

Tim thinks he walked by the post on the cliff above a few times when we did the course before. But we found it this time!
So we successfully completed the course, ate some Mexican food, and went to a flee market where we observed some crazy people stuff to buy.

We finished the course, woot!

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