Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two Little Lines

The short story:  we found out some exciting news today...

The longer story:  a couple things had happened over the past couple weeks that made us feel like something was just...a little off.  I had had two days in a row where I felt very...combative.  Ok sure, I can get grumpy around a certain time of the month, but this was different, and not the right time of the month. But it only lasted two days so we thought little of it.  

Then...there was the Japanese food.  Let me preface this with, Tim likes to make fun of me and calls me "Half", alluding to my ability to eat only half of things.  His favorite example is that I will eat half of a yogurt and put it back in the fridge (I do eat the other half later...usually).  We had Japanese food delivered one night, and while Tim was placing our order, I had him add some wonton soup at the last minute.  Ok, so not that abnormal for most.  When the food arrived I had my usual half of the wonton soup, and then ate a large helping of food (approximately half of the portion they give you).  Then, I ate the other half of the wonton soup...and then another large portion of food...and then a fortune cookie of course.  I'm sure we probably threw out the idea of a pregnancy in a joking matter, but still didn't put a lot of thought into it.  

As someone who is generally quite regular when it comes to...well, you know...I take note of when I'm a couple days late.  Tim was going to the grocery store anyway, so I flippantly said something like "Oh, just buy me the stupid test, you might as well."  For some reason, I was still thinking that it would be ridiculous if I was pregnant.  Tim came home and I took the test, telling him we would look at the results together.  I did not look (seriously still thinking there was no way I was pregnant), and Tim came in and we looked and saw "those two little lines".  My jaw dropped and I said something that was not very graceful, followed by us having an incoherent conversation, followed by a flood of various emotions.  

Needless to say, our world is going to change drastically in about 9 months :)

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