Saturday, January 7, 2012

Telling The Family

There is nothing harder to keep than a happy secret you really want to tell.  Our dilemma?  We really wanted to tell everyone about the pregnancy right away, BUT we REALLY wanted it to be in person.  We don't live close enough or have the time off to just hop in the car and drive over to tell people.  So we had to do it in stages, but luckily our usual holiday schedule opened up opportunities to see people...the wait almost killed us.

Telling my sister went something like this.  I settled for "face-to-face" and called her one night making up some stupid story about wanting to test FaceTime on Tim's iPad.  She asked if we could do it some other time as she and Davey had just sat down after an exhausting day and were relishing some quiet time.  But I pushed it (knowing she'd be glad in the end), so she finally conceded to "call" on commercial.  We were sitting there with the iPad when their faces popped up on the screen, at which point my sister promptly said "Do you have something to tell us?".

{Thanks for bursting my bubble}

My sister knows me well.  They were ecstatic!  ...And very glad we interrupted their quiet time.  

My dad was coming up the next weekend with my sister and her family to have a belated birthday celebration.  We wrapped up some cute baby hats and mitts in birthday wrapping paper and gave it to him.  

Lailey helping my dad open his gift

We forgot to tell him the gift was from me and Tim.

Us watching my dad open his gift
So...after the initial seconds of confusion...he looked to my sister thinking it was from her.  Then he realized the gift was from us.  His reaction was priceless.

"This is from you?"  {tearing up commenced}
We were in Savannah for Christmas and all our family was gathered around the table for dinner.  We had wrapped up the baby hats again and told his parents we had an early Christmas gift for them.  His mom opened the baby hats and looked really confused.  Somebody said something about mixing up the gifts and we were like "no, that's the right one." :)  Then it finally clicked and everyone was jumping up and down and tearing up.  It was really fun.

My sister had done a fun photo shoot with us in downtown Griffin and we had the pictures on Tim's iPad.  We were gathered with my family at my aunt's house for New Year's Eve and everyone was sitting in the living room.  We pulled out the iPad and told my aunt to look at the pictures we had taken.   The last picture was this...

It took a few seconds...but she finally caught on...and then started showing everyone the pictures :)

My Aunt Judy reacting to the picture

We had a lot of fun sharing our wonderful news with everyone.

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