Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Bump in the Night, Or Rather a Poke

On Sunday, we headed to Decatur to teach our friends Liz and Nick to dance.  They took us to brunch at Wahoo Grill and I had a some very yummy french toast.  After a long, really fun afternoon of cutting a rug we headed home.  It was subtle...so I wasn't really sure...but I looked at Tim and said, "I think I just felt Sprout move".

I was heading home tonight from the girls' Bible study and I felt the same thing.  I had the funny thought that it felt like a tiny finger poking me from the inside.  I called my sister and asked her what it felt like the first time she felt my niece move.  She said, "Like a tiny finger poking me from the inside."

LOL, I think that confirms what I felt.  I have have a little wiggler inside. :)

~18 weeks

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