Friday, April 13, 2012

Adventures With Austin and Millie

Austin and his dog, Millie, came to visit us this week.  I had gotten it into my head to start trying to make bread and improve the pizza we have been making and so I had a few cookbooks out when Austin arrived.  With his encouragement, not to mention his offer to do all the dirty work, we decided to tackle making a batard (I can't figure out how to give it the proper accent mark).  Yes, it's a funny word, and yes the jokes were flying, but that was the recipe chosen....I might be willing to admit that it was partially chosen because of the funny name.

Austin as my sous chef (in the properly labeled "sous" apron)...which basically means I told him what to do :)

The batard in all its squishy, gooey glory

This picture wouldn't be so creepy if my eyes weren't all squintchy (yes, I made up a word)

We managed to get it mostly done before I had to take off to the girls' Bible study, leaving Austin to get it into the oven.  The boys (along with Millie, not pictured :(  sorry) enjoyed a night of cigars and not-recommended-for-pregnancy drinks, and then graciously showered when I came home so they wouldn't disturb my pregnancy nose.  They're so thoughtful.  

Baking a batard in the oven while having a bun in the oven...har har har

The finished batard!  It was yummy.

On Wednesday, Austin and I headed to Gainesville where Austin introduced me to Habitat for Humanity re-home stores (sort of a Goodwill meets Home Depot).  Austin came away with quite a bounty:  a victrola cabinet (which we decided would make an awesome bar/humidor), a rain barrel, and a saw (intended for manly decorative purposes, I think).  I should have taken a picture of his loot.  I tried to convince him that he should leave the victrola cabinet at our apartment and that I would send him the money in the mail :D.  Didn't work.  Trying to fit all of this stuff...and Millie...into his car to drive home was quite entertaining....again...should have taken a picture.  We met up with Tim for a picnic lunch on the square before heading to Atlanta .

At the re-home store.  Austin said that some people shrink during pregnancy.

We headed to Decatur to meet up with our friend Liz and her boyfriend, Nick (who joined us later).  We headed to Leon's for dinner, and enjoyed the Decatur scenery and food.  I got to be the designated driver (which was really easy considering we had walked to the restaurant, hahaha).

Liz and me with our "drinks"

Austin, Liz, and me

Austin had made plans to meet up with a friend of ours in Athens, and so I jumped at the chance to use that as an excuse to go see my old hairdresser (more on that later), meet Austin at my favorite restaurant, and see our friend Gina.

I met Austin at Utage, my favorite sushi restaurant, which I was bound and determined to eat at AT LEAST once during my pregnancy but had not succeeded in getting there until now.  We slowly slipped into food coma while reveling in the fact that we were back in Athens for the moment.  It was glorious.  We parted ways and I headed to see Gina and new baby Noah (no pictures, giant fail).  And then I skedaddled back to Dacula for our house inspection (more on this later).

No worries, nothing raw.  And yes, all that food is mine.

We ended the awesome day with a cook out ("out" being outside on our porch), some brownies, and fun time with more friends.

Tim and Austin on the back porch...I think Millie was under the table

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