Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Not Good When Your Hairdresser Says...

One of the things I miss most about Athens is my hairdresser.  I had finally found someone that made my hair look good for a reasonable price, and I was sad to leave her behind when we moved.  It's really hard for me to convince myself to try someone new because I may be willing to pay a certain amount for a haircut, but not if I don't know if the person is going to jack up my hair.  So what did I do?  I went to Supercuts.  At least if they mess it up, I've only paid ~$15.

So, I'm sitting in the chair and the lady is chatting me up while she's cutting the back of my hair.  She hands me the mirror and turns the chair around so I can see what she's done.  I wasn't that all... but usually I can't decide if I like a haircut until I've gone home and washed and styled it myself, and I wouldn't have known how to ask her to change it...other than to say "can you make it look better than that", so I said nothing.  She turns me back around...and starts to take the cape off!  I said, as nicely as I could..."Are you going to cut the front?".  "Oh yeah!" she says and sort of laughs.  I was quickly losing confidence that I was going to get out of there for $15 AND with a good haircut.  Then I saw it...her license...showing a graduation date of just a month earlier.  I had clearly gotten the newbie.

23 weeks

I was heading to Athens this week and jumped pounced on the chance to visit my old hairdresser.  I sat down in the chair, and nicely as she could... says, "'ve got some interesting stuff going on back here."  I. just. laughed.  I hung my head, and said "yeah, I went to Supercuts.  Please work your magic."

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