Saturday, October 20, 2012

Matthan's Baptism Weekend

This weekend we had family and friends come into town for Matthan's baptism.  Matthan got to meet his cousins Ava and Sophia, his great grandmother Muriel, and many others, who were all quite smitten with him.

Cousins - Ava (6 years old), Sophia (3 years old), and Matthan (2 months old)

They couldn't get enough of him and entertained him all weekend

Great grandmother Muriel and Matthan

Aunt Penny brought up a couple different baptism outfits, and Tim felt that Matthan needed to try on all the pieces.  Matthan was not so thrilled with the fashion show.  Mommy vetoed the bonnet.

We headed to the nearby Buford corn maze and pumpkin patch where we had taken pictures previously.

The girls got to ride the ponies, pet some animals, and play in the "corn box" (instead of sand box).

Sophia on the pony

Ava in the "corn box"

The girls also got their faces painted.  Ava got an owl (? I think ?), and Sophia got Ariel.

Grandma Mary, Ava, Sophia, and Grandpa Peter with the pumpkins

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