Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Months Old

We really do more around here then take pictures of our adorable kid, but based on the collection of pictures in iPhoto, you wouldn't know it.  Our Little Man has been growing like a weed, and continuing to light rooms with his smile.  

Matthan ~ 1 mos

Matthan ~ 5 mos

He loves reading books with Mommy and Daddy, and still loves taking his baths.  

"How do you hug a porcupine?"

Cutie Pie

He is interacting more with toys and developing his physical and verbal skills.

Still loves Mommy!

Pediatrician appointment ~ before the shots

He loves seeing himself in the mirror...

...and is looking like his daddy every day.

He can pull his socks off as quick as mommy can put them on.  We've compromised on this; he only has to wear socks when we go outside...I feel like that's fair.

Matthan can feed himself pretty well and really likes to chew on his bottle.  Teething maybe?

Oh!  And we have exited the blob stage and have entered the "Oh my goodness, mommy can't leave you on the couch by yourself anymore" stage.

No worries, I took the picture and caught him before he fell off the couch

It seems like he changes daily, but one thing that never changes is that beautiful smile.  Love it!

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