Friday, July 11, 2014

Because I Wouldn't Let Him Play in the Street and 1 Million Bean Pickup (7QT)

It's that time again (where I publish this with Friday's date so in the future it looked like I had my act together when really I posted this on Monday).

Have you seen the Reasons My Son Is Crying website?  Sometimes as a parent I have to step back and realize that my child's crying is completely out of my control and that this little being in my care is, as my sister puts it, "irrational and uncivilized".  

So, I'm considering the following as my submission to

I wouldn't let him play in the street.  #meanmom

...because I didn't capture a picture to go along with this:

This weekend I heard my son crying and I walked into the kitchen and asked my husband "what happened?".  His reply was, 

"he wanted some watermelon, so I gave him some."  "And that's why he's crying?"  "Yep."  

We have been showing our grill a lot of love on the weekends.  I had hung the diapers out on the line while The Hubs was making a particularly good batch of BBQ and I asked him to help me keep an eye on the weather, because according to the forecast we were supposed to get thunderstorms in a few hours.  Thirty mins later...

The Hubs rescuing his thermometer.  Diapers...soaked.

Our Georgia weather is just wacky with drastic changes in temperature and thunderstorms hitting at any moment.  So inside entertainment is a must.  I thought giving him something to put in his pots and pans would be fun.

It's all fun and games until Momma is cleaning up a million beans off of the floor.

The new slide from Grandma and Grandpa has not yet ceased to entertain.

I trekked the Little Man and myself out to the Farmer's Market (just too far to justify going every week), and purchased some peaches, blackberries, and tomatoes.  The market is in the downtown area near a mom-of-a-friend-owned candy shop, so we dropped in to say hello.  Our friend happened to be there and he gave Matthan some Smarties because those are his son's favorite.  We also ruined our dinner with their homemade ice-cream and blackberries (that they get from the market), YUM!!

And because the e-mail gods are against me preventing me from getting other photos that I had planned to share, go see this post:

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