Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Travel and Family Fun

Today, I'm doing a double link-up!  Because my brain is on summer vacation still (despite all of the schools around us beginning this week) and can't come up with my own ideas.  I'm linking up with the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter for "Pretty Happy Funny Real" and Cari at Clan Donaldson for "Theme Thursday" (the theme is "Panic").

~ Griffin ~

Actually labeling the "pretty" and the "happy" etc seems moot because there has been a lot of it going on around here.  Well, not exactly around here, because we haven't been around here for a lot of the previous two weeks.  Three Mondays ago (I'm way behind on blogging), Little Man and I packed ourselves up (I packed, he ran around like a crazy person) and headed on down south of Atlanta to my sister and her family.  Do not let these limited pictures fool you.  It was not this calm.  There was craziness, and laughter, and feeding the Little Man with imaginary food while playing "mommy and babies".


Can't resist the kisses

~ Savannah ~

After telling The Hubs that it was really quite ridiculous that we made it through all of last summer without going to the beach (it's appalling, really), I insisted we take the Little Man to the beach.  With relatives very close to the beach, I think it must be some kind of sin that he had not set foot on a beach yet.  Matthan is a pretty chill kid but I have noticed that he adjusts quicker to new situations if I prep him for it.  So before we embarked on our trip to Savannah and the beach, I YouTube-d "ocean" and had him watch a video of the ocean while he was eating his lunch.  He liked watching "ocean".

Mommy, Matthan, cousin Ava in the real ocean

He did great!  He had his freak out moments and clung to me but after a while would go to Grandma and Daddy too.  He had so much fun.  His cousins dug him a little pool in the sand that he just loved.  He also did not have an aversion to the ice-cream that we got afterwards either :).

Eating cookies on the beach

I know, I know, beach pictures don't exactly scream "Panic", this weeks theme for Theme Thursday, but I'm doing you a favor by sparing you from pictures.  See...while we were visiting ye 'ole beautiful Savannah, I was in the kitchen with my husband's family.  I bent over to pick up something off of the floor ... (ok!! It was a chocolate chip from my cookie!  5 second rule so not worth it this time!)...

... and WHACK!!!

While I had bent over for glutton-ess reclaiming of the fallen chocolate chip, someone had opened the freezer door, and upon standing, my head and the corner of the door had a painful, aggressive meeting without my permission.  I immediately crumbled into a heap of pain on the floor trying to figure out if I was going to black out (which I figure now is not something you think if you black you, you just black out? I don't know).  I asked for an ice pack and when I pulled it away, there was blood dripping down the ice pack (aren't you glad I spared you the pictures?).  I was panicking about the idea of having to get stitches while my husband had gotten me into a chair and handed me a bowl because my body had made a couple attempts to dislodge it's lunch contents.  I asked him why he was getting a wet cloth for to which he replied "you have blood all down your face".  Commence more attempts at lunch dislodgment.  After removal of my bloody sweater and the blood from my face, my husband got me to a chair, determined I did not need stitches, and took care of me for the rest of the day... which was kind of nice... but not worth the head injury.  I'm ok now... I think.

~ Visit from Grandpa ~

Before I even had our suitcases unpacked from visiting Savannah, Grandpa Jim came to visit us.  We had good intentions to head to the pool, but cool, cloudy weather had other plans.  We did make it to the park for about 30 mins before it got stormy.  The next day we were able to make it to another park and walk the two mile path around the lake.  

Grandpa Jim and Matthan

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  1. No apparent panic visible, just love and lovely. PM

    1. Yes, I felt I should leave out the panicky head injury pictures :) No one needs to see that. Besides, I'm sure me yelling "Wait Wait!! You guys have to take a picture of the blood so I can post this to my blog!" would have landed me a trip to the hospital to make sure I hadn't damaged something permanently. LOL.

  2. Oh my gosh, head wounds are the worst. They bleed SO MUCH. Like, every head wound immediately makes me want to call 911, because there's SO MUCH BLOOD.
    I'm panicking for you, just contemplating the blood.

    1. I know, right? It probably was less than it seemed at the moment, but when it's coming from your head it just seems like way too much. I don't think I did any permanent damage... I think. Lol! Little tip: frozen soup mix veggies make for a great ice pack. :)

  3. Well, head injuries aside, it looks like your family is enjoying some summertime fun!

  4. Taking Little Man to the beach for the first time was so much fun! We all had a great time. :) Thanks for stopping by :)