Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Terrible Twos and Photobombing Like a Parent (PHFR)

Today's post should be entitled "Lots of pictures that have little to do with each other and lots of rambling without any real focus"... 

...but that would take up a lot of room.

We have been busy with visiting with family, visiting with friends (two get-togethers in one weekend! Love you Chelsea, Caroline, and Jonathan! (of which, of course, we failed to take any pictures)), bike riding, parish picnics, and keeping up with all of the things that we keep up with.

You'll have to excuse the lack of entertaining text.  You can just look at the pictures if you wish :)


"Lay down!...Daddy...look clouds!"

Stopped to smell the flowers


One of Matthan's favorite songs is "How He Loves" and he can pretty much sing the whole thing, as well as the Winnie the Pooh and Veggie Tale theme songs.  I'm working hard to get a recording of it...unsuccessful so far.

{brings Daddy his ukulele and capo}  "Sing song!"

Coloring at the parish picnic

Matthan selfie, photobombed by Mommy


First time I've ever seen him do this!

He's been sticking his blanket over his head since he was a baby

Matthan selfie photobombed by Daddy

Matthan selfie photobombed by Mommy

Matthan selfie photobombed by Daddy
Matthan selfie photobombed by Mommy kisses

I saw Matthan stick his blanket over his head while I was driving and I guess he was trying to block out the sun.  When I got home, he was completely asleep under there.


We are about to enter a new phase of parenting called "The Terrible Twos"... although I think Matthan decided a couple months ago that he was an over-achiever and would enter into it early.  There has certainly been new challenges, like the "NO!" phase, and the "I'm going to use a whiny voice all day long" phase, but, I can tell you, he is also, SO MUCH FUN.

Matthan is a very verbal child, but when he doesn't have the words to communicate, his actions speak volumes.  Do you remember those roller coaster wire toys with the sliding beads?  Matthan was playing with one at the chiropractor's office.  I had warned him that we'd be leaving in a few minutes to which he replied "NO!", which I ignored and went to finish at the front desk.  When I was done, I went to collect Matthan and told him it was time to go, to which he replied "NO!", shaking no with his whole body...

... and then in final protest, SMUSHED his face between the bendy wires of the roller coaster toy. (Kicking myself for not getting a picture!)

He looked something like this

I started laughing which attracted all of the ladies from the front desk to come over and see this toddler protest.

I pried his face from between the wires and held him as he cried on my shoulder because he didn't want to leave.

The rough life of an (almost) two year old.

Don't let this angelic face fool you ;)

Mixed in with the minimal rough moments is a lot of smiles and songs and so much cuteness.

When life gives you an (almost) 2-yr-old, sometimes you surrender and make a tent with the clean laundry

Happy Thursday!  Go see the ladies over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for more "Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real" themed posts.

round button chicken

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