Friday, August 15, 2014

Feast Day and Roller Coaster Toy (7QTs)

It's that time again!  It's Friday, Friday.... (you know you're singing that song in your head now).

Happy Feast of the Assumption Day!! Otherwise known as "all-Catholics-get-ye-behinds-to-the-nearest-mass-day", or, in our household... "Cranky-cranky-SO-not-a-morning-person-makes-it-to-church-because-she-is-obligated -loves-feast-days".

And in case you missed it..."cranky-cranky" did not refer to this one...

Not ready to face the day

See?  No crankiness here!

Ready to go with Puppy and Pooh in tow

The Hubs is usually gone when we wake up, but had the pleasure of waking this one up this morning.  Little Man made that scrunched up groggy face that kids make when you wake them before they're ready and laid his head on The Hubs' shoulder.  The Hubs pointed to his face, and said "this is what you look like in the morning".

Thanks, Dear.

At least he gets something from me.

"Not-a-morning-person" rewarded herself with some caffeine.  It's a feast day after all!

--- 4 ---

Don't you wish you could be this easily entertained?

This was at the chiropractor's office, and he kept looking over at the front desk to see if the ladies were paying attention to him.

If you missed the story about the roller coaster toy and this gem...

Click here on the picture to go read it...and the rest of my stimulating post from yesterday...eckhmm.

My chiropractor's office has a play area for children and the ladies working at the front desk will keep an eye on them while you get treated.  How awesome is that?

My (almost) two year old has discovered the hilarity of "pooting" (we call him "Pooter" for a reason), especially while on the changing table.  I try to not encourage this, but we all know that parenting is half "don't do that", a quarter "eh, what the heck", and a third "walk into the other room so that your child does not see you laugh at whatever behavior should not be encouraged".

Ignore the weeds, please.

What does the butterfly picture have to do with this?  Nothing!  Did you really expect me to post a picture of the above anecdote?

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