Friday, September 5, 2014

Dental Floss and A Quiz (7 Quick Takes)

It's that time of the week again - where I dump photos from my phone and realize that I need to take pictures of something other than my child, but really, why bother, since I know why most of you visit my blog.  Let's be honest. 

But truthfully, The Hubs and I get such a kick out of raising our kiddo and I share pictures in hope of making others smile.  So here's to something fun and positive on the internet!

What?  Your child doesn't run around the house taking deep inhalations of dental floss and declaring "It smells GOOD!!!" ?

We told Little Man that he was eating so much that he needed to get a job.  He is nothing but a compliant child.

Little Man and I drove over half an hour the other day to get to the service center of our annoying cable company to return some equipment.  I thought it would be easier than printing the return packet out (our printer doesn't work), and I figured that no one else goes to the actual service center.  Boy was I wrong.  When we got into the service center (after I braved the parking lot without holding LM's hand because the box required both my hands, increasing a momma's prayers one parking lot at a time, but I digress) there were about 20 people in line.  And the air conditioning seemed to be on break.

  Little Man, ran around the room (which had nothing in it except dingy carpet, a stained bench, line ropes, and random movie posters) entertaining everyone including the lady in front of me who was breathing heavily because it was so hot in the room.  When I say "ran around the room" you have to picture cute two-year-old prancing and saying "excuse me" to everyone... not the tasmanian devil.  I figured that requiring him to stand in line with me might be a bit much for a two-year-old who had not had lunch and was pushing into nap time.  He did awesome.  Everyone was entertained.

I am lazy about putting my phone out of reach  so occasionally I find that a someone has gotten to my phone and taken pictures.  Every now and then I find one cool picture out of the 350 pics (NOT an exaggeration, I counted) that I had to delete off of my phone.  I like this little gem.

Matthan selfie

Successfully building a block tower after screaming because it kept falling over with Daddy.

Saturday mornings

In the following picture, is my son:
a.  tripping and falling
b. searching for a dropped cracker
c. trying to hide

If you guessed "c", you would be correct

We washed the car the other weekend.  And by washed the car, I mean Little Man dipped his arms in the bucket and ran around flinging suds everywhere.

Daddy hard at work

And when he tired of that, he took up supervising.

Little Man hard at...supervising

ah, the good life
Happy Friday!

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