Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autumn and Two-Year-Olds in Dinosaur Towels (PHFR)

Autumn is my favorite season of the year.  It makes me so happy.  Of course, in Georgia, autumn lasts about two weeks with a couple of teasers thrown in.  So don't blink or you'll miss it.  I have been savoring the cooler weather with outside projects and crockpot meals.


The weather has been gorgeous!  Matthan has enjoyed his new sandbox. 

Autumn also makes me want to do little random projects that I've been putting off like making cards. I don't get to spend much time doing this, but I discovered that I really enjoy making homemade envelopes and hand-stitching cards.


We've been trying to tackle our garden beds little by little.  I ripped out the weeds and pruned my rose bush and realized that the pine straw we had was not adequate to cover the area.  I stole some from around Little Man's sandbox and of course he wanted to help...

... five pieces at a time :)


I love this "windows open" time of year"... which has nothing to do with two-year-olds running around the house in dinosaur towels... 


I was re-layering my compost pile (such riveting things to tell you, no?) when Little Man (in so many words) asked if he could smell the flowers.  I did not realize that his method of smelling the marigolds included picking them off of the bush one by one, smelling them, then tossing them in the yard before finding his next victim.  This picture does not do the flower graveyard justice.  My yard was scattered with marigolds.  

Once I realized what was happening, we had a in depth instructional session on how to smell the flowers without picking them.  He finally got the idea, and then asked me "May I smell flowers?" followed by him bending down and exclaiming "Leave on bush!".  Repeat 1,347,568 more times.

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