Friday, September 26, 2014

Frogs, Rainbow Eruptions, and Religious Candles (7QT's)

Happy Friday!  It's Seven Quick Takes time!  

By the way, if you missed my 7 Quick Takes post "... You Might Be Potty Training" last week (because I'm pretty sure that I forgot to actually add my link to the link-up, oops!), enjoy it here.

His happy place, I guess?

Matthan and I got to hang out with my sister and her family this week.  Traffic was terrible.  I think there should be a traveling-with-young-children lane because there is only so much sitting in traffic a mommy two-year-old can handle before going crazy or having to pee.  A pregnancy lane would be nice too, which of course would pass food establishments with exceptionally clean bathrooms every five miles.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, visiting my niece and nephew...

(From Top Left, clockwise) Maddox and Lailey; Me with my "trophy"; Matthan

I was pushing Maddox on the swing when he urgently yelled out "STOP IT!!! STOP IT!!!", to which I promptly halted the swing to inquire about the matter, to which he replied... "I have to scratch my nose." 

Lailey was building "trophies" out of legos and gave one to me.  When I asked what my trophy was for, she replied "For being the best Amy."  She makes my heart smile.

Our chiropractor had a customer appreciation day which included free consultations and chair massages.  I'll let you guess which one was the actual motivating factor for me to go.  They had a frog  for the event, with who Matthan made friends with instantly.  Matthan would run to me for "donuts" (muffin) and then run back yelling "FROG!! FROG!!" and invited the frog to eat donuts with him several times.  If the frog disappeared, Matthan hunted him down.

We went for a hike on our church's meditation trail.  Matthan loves to "visit Mary" (go see the Marian grotto) and walk on the stones of the rosary trail.  He counts the stones as he walks on them, which goes something like... 1, 2, 17, 26, 8, 10!

I made "Pope" magnets (technically Pope Emeritus and Saint magnets, I know) out of a pizza menu that came with a magnet on the back and a postcard that my dad had sent me from Italy.

I braved letting Little Man walk in the grocery store instead of ride, which put him right at the level of the religious candles in the international aisle.  I heard him exclaiming "Jesus! Mary!".  He was doing a little happy dance.

I found a use for my youth group shirts that I have collected from retreats.

I created one of the "rainbow eruption" activities for Little Man out of food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar.  I couldn't take pictures of all the cool colors because I was holding Matthan on a chair so he could see and was squirting the vinegar.  It was a hit!  Matthan kept hugging me and saying "THANK you, Mommy!" and "I love you, Mommy!".  Lol, this might have to be a weekly event.

I ran to the mall the other day, and hadn't planned on stopping at the fountain.  But, Matthan was having so much fun running around on the steps (one of his favorite activities), that when he headed towards the fountain, I couldn't help but let him go.  He kept stepping on the water which shot the water up his shorts leg.  It was very entertaining.

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