Friday, September 18, 2015

The Infection, The Cake, and The Wardrobe (7QT's)

It's seven quick takes time!

~ 1 ~

Last Friday, I decided to brave library story time. It was a smashing success despite the grumpy look on Lucy's face and that this picture looks like our library doesn't have books. I'm not in love with the idea that our kid's section has iPads, but it allowed me time to nurse Lucy while not fearing that Little Man was pulling books off the shelf and rearranging the entire library. He was even disappointed when I opted to not check out books this week (because I can't rely on my postpartum brain to remember returning library books right now), so book nerd momma for the win. Lucy slept beautifully the whole time, except for this picture. Thanks little one.

~ 2 ~

 I love this little girl. She sleeps great...during the day. Then wants to party from 8pm-12. We gotta work on this.

~ 3 ~

Sorry to those who follow me on social media, but a few repeats are a must this week. I posted this picture with "I use to pin weekly chore lists on Pinterest, and now I just laugh as I scroll by."

When you have to sit for a significant portion of the day nursing a baby, you notice the cob webs accumulating in the corners. Sometimes I get squirmy about how dirty my house is, and then I just laugh at myself because who am I kidding, like I'd clean if I had the time...nope.

~ 4 ~

We decided to go to a Bluegrass Festival not far from us, but come Saturday, I woke up with pain in my...chest area. More on that in a second. The festival was a little disappointing with one mediocre bluegrass band, one pretty terrible barber shop quartet, and another band who didn't play bluegrass. However, Little Man won his first cake walk! I'm not sure he grasped the concept of a cake walk, but he quickly understood that he got a cake.

Mommy easily coaching him towards the chocolate cake.

Ever the graceful picture taker - blowing hair out of my face

Holding his prize, hair still in my face

~ 5 ~

By the time the above pictures were taken, I was in some serious discomfort. By the time we got home after lunch, I had some serious fever and chills. I could barely nurse Lucy because I was shivering so bad. We quickly realized that I had some serious mastitis and jumped into action. I had mastitis after Little Man was born and it ended in a surgical removal of an abscess (another post for another time, maybe), so we took this really seriously. I was prescribed an antibiotic by that evening and had a very very miserable weekend. My symptoms continued into this week, so it's been rough. 

~ 6 ~

We had friends bring us meals and I asked for prayers on social media and was blown away by the response. I'm so thankful for community (on and off the internet) that we have. Thank you to everyone who offered prayers for me. I have slowly been improving all week.

gratuitous picture, but you know you love them ;)

~ 7 ~ 

The Hubs rescued this from the side of the road because he can't stand the idea of something being thrown away. It ended up being too deep for the space he wanted to put it. Little Man has commandeered it as his personal play thing. It's going to a very nice home at a friend's house.

Quality craftsmanship there

Happy Friday everyone! Now go see Kelly for more quick takes.

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