Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kid Pics Galore, Wedding, and Bike Rides

You should definitely visit Kelly for 7 Quick Takes because 1) she's an awesome blogger and 2) she's doing some great giveaways.

~ 1 ~

Technically it's 7 Quick Takes "Friday" which clearly I'm behind, but you know, newborn in the house and all that. I feel like Kelly would totally understand. 

So how 'bout some nice pics of my girl?

~ 2 ~

My Little Man is not seeming so little these days. At some point I'll record the hilarious things he says but my tired sleep-deprived brain forgets them before I can jot them down. One of his latest phrases, if he really likes something, he says "____ is the best I ever had!!!" 

Example: Tim made bread and gave Matthan some, to which Matthan exclaimed "this is the best bread I ever had!!" His enthusiasm makes it that much more awesome.

~ 3 ~

Matthan also really likes to hit "send" for me when I'm texting someone. He also likes to text selfies and random letters to Daddy. Exhibit A

~ 4 ~

Matthan likes to play "sleep". He also likes blanket "nests". A boy after my own heart.

~ 5 ~

The weather is cooling off which means the beard is back! I'll get a pic one of these days. Until then, I found The Hubs' Christmas present ;)

~ 6 ~

We went to the wedding of Tim's coworker. Getting two little kids ready for a wedding was an all day exhausting process. His coworkers that attended the wedding doted on Matthan and Lucy and allowed us to break out our dancing skills. I came home with some killer blisters but it was totally worth it.

~ 7 ~

We've been taking Matthan on bike rides. Our neighborhood is very hilly but that has not slowed him down, and he likes to go on the same long route every time. We got half way through the route (not a short distance, I assure you) and Matthan decided he was done. He told me to carry his bike. I told him I wasn't going to carry his bike since I was carrying Lucy, and he was going to carry his own bike or ride it home. I was holding my breath for a complete melt down, but instead... he decided to carry his own bike. 

I admire his gumption. He made it about ten feet, and then pushed the bike the whole way home. 

That stubbornness and determination did not come from me. He is his Daddy's son. I'm sure it will serve him later in life...or something like that. 

That's a wrap! Happy (belated) Friday... or Wednesday!

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