Friday, October 9, 2015

Snakes For Dinner and More Hashtags

Today's Link-toberfest question from Kelly is "How many 7 Quick Takes have you posted?". I probably have not tagged or linked appropriately for all of them, but this one is supposedly #27, which makes me feel like a big slacker because I thought I had a much higher number than this. But you don't care, you're here for the kid pictures, and I'm cool with that.

~ 1 ~

So many expressions. 


~ 2 ~


~ 3 ~

On a whim, I told Little Man that I had a special job for him. I wanted to see if he could use the big spray bottle, in hopes that one day he can really do some chores. He went to town and cleaned the breakfast table. He was so excited. Based on the amount of water he used, we won't be graduating to actual cleaner any time soon. Three year old entertained, mommy got to clean the kitchen...


~ 4 ~

During a play date at the park, the boys became mesmerized by a guy riding a skateboard. He saw how interested they were and gave them each a turn standing on it. That wasn't enough for Matthan. He asked to ride it and the guy held his hands and helped him ride it. Matthan couldn't get enough. 


~ 5 ~

Whether it's playing cars, riding skateboards, or riding his bike, Matthan seems to love things with wheels...and riding them in weird places. He likes to ride his bike in the crevice between the grass and the sidewalk (making me nervous that he's going to topple into the street). Here he is riding in the gravel behind the bike rack at the library.



~ 6 ~

I made this. Little Man occasionally likes to play upstairs in the office/crap room...I mean craft room... so I steal a few minutes here and there while listening to LM play the cymbals and sing songs that he has made up. His latest ditty is "snakes for dinner". 


~ 7 ~

We had our first poopsplosion (defined as a poop explosion not properly contained within the diaper). Lucy, me, changing table...


Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. #7 That expression! And now I want another baby.
    Her faces this week are seriously KILLING ME with cuteness.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! Her faces are quite entertaining, and I don't even capture all of them. I feel like if she had a thought bubble to go with her faces, I'd be cracking up. She always looks to me like she's thinking something funny. I don't have to wonder with my son, he just says everything in his head that's funny. :) -Amy Z