Friday, October 23, 2015

"Mom, Puppy wants to drink your smoothie" and Other QT's (7QTs)

It's Friday! So that means quick takes! In honor of link-toberfest, probably my favorite 7 quick takes was " might be potty training" inspired by real texts that I sent to my sister while going through potty training boot camp with my son. I do crack myself up! Now on to this week...

~ 1 ~

Matthan decided that Lucy wanted to play with his train tracks. Then he decided that she'd make a good train track and rolled his train on her tummy.

~ 2 ~

We went to a "fall festival" last weekend. I was a little skeptical because the information provided said it was at a fort five minutes from us and I had never seen a military fort around. Turns out the fort use to be in what is now some guy's back yard. They had a couple archaeological digs going and a few other booths that didn't make much of a festival. They did have a table with Lincoln logs which was the only thing Matthan found interesting, until he found a tree on a little hill and proceeded to dance around until we left. 

~ 3 ~ 

Lucy is two months old and getting cuter every day. 

She is rather smiley and likes to eat moose. Her sleeping at night is getting marginally better.

At her 2 month checkup she weighed in at 10 lbs 14 oz, and measured 22 inches long. She was not a fan of the shots.

~ 4 ~

We had a play date this week. The babies usually sleep through these play dates but we had brought lunches for the big brothers and so the babies made an appearance out of their carriers.

Baby Maurice and Baby Lucy

~ 5 ~ 

We celebrated the anniversary of Matthan's baptism day with dinner at the food court (Chickfila of course), a ride on the carousel, and a ride on the escalator. He's easy to please.

~ 6 ~

"Mom, Puppy wants to drink your smoothie."...The three year old equivalent of "are you going to eat that?"

~ 7 ~ 

Matthan got his first haircut from someone other than Daddy. He looked very handsome but did not want to take a picture.

That's all folks. Now go visit Kelly for more quick takes posts while I clean up the apple juice kefir that is now all over my counter, in the drawer, in the cabinet, in my spice rack, on my floor and under my fridge. 

Happy Friday!

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