Friday, October 30, 2015

Lucy Laughs and Matthan Sorts Silverware (7QTs)

It's Friday! Which means it's time for 7 quick takes!

~ 1 ~

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit this past weekend. Matthan was so excited. He got to ride in their car and they gave him pretzels....and that makes me think we deprive him of any pleasure around here...nah. 

"Grandma, I have them wrapped around my baby finger."

~ 2 ~

You want to see five variations of the same picture? Of course you do. About 5% of the time Matthan wants to hold Lucy, or talk and drive his cars over her tummy...the rest of the time he tolerates her.

Included because this is a very classic Matthan face.

Not the best of the boys but I love Lucy's face

Probably the best of the bunch

Lucy sticking her tongue out
He looks like he likes her

~ 3 ~

Lucy is over two months now. We took some pictures, but that requires me to get them off the camera and I'm lazy, so maybe next time.

~ 4 ~

Matthan gets a kick out of sorting the silverware. He also cleans the table and spins the salad in the salad spinner. My little helper.

~ 5 ~

We always pass these, (I don't know what you call them, cars you put money in and they move I guess) on our way into the mall and I always say no when Matthan asks to play on them (because we're usually on our way to doing something not because I'm mean). This day I finally said yes and he was so excited! Note that I didn't actually put money in any of them, he just had a blast climbing in and out. Maybe one day I'll remember to bring cash and I'll really rock his world.

~ 6 ~

I don't think he has enough cars...that's not even all of them.

His favorite past time

~ 7 ~

And in case you haven't had your dose of adorable for the day...

Happy Friday!

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