Friday, October 16, 2015

The Family That Hikes Together ~ Amicalola Falls

Let me tell you about last Sunday...

~ 1 ~

Amicalola Falls...a beautiful end to a crazy, poorly planned day. 

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It was suppose to be a day of rest. We had done chores, gone to mass, and gone to a party on Saturday. When I went to bed that night I had visions of a day of rest at home. 

~ 2 ~

But there is something about fall air that makes us crazy, and by the time I was done nursing Lucy first thing in the morning we had decided to drive to a pumpkin patch up in North Georgia. We threw things together and got the kids in the car and left. We had no diapers assembled so I threw all the diapers from the dryer and assembled them on our drive. 


~ 3 ~

After being stuck in traffic, going about one mile in 30 mins, to get into the pumpkin patch, we realized that other than a hay ride, which also had a very long line, there were just...pumpkins. We had just assumed there would be things to do. There were so so many people and nothing to really do, since we already had a free pumpkin (probably rotting) on our porch at home, we decided not to stay. After one nursing session in the car (where I saw an argument for the parking spot next to us almost come to blows), and a few minutes of Matthan dipping his feet in the water, we hopped back in the car and drove about a half mile to Amicalola Falls.

#feetinthecrick  #mykid

~ 4 ~

A quick car ride later, we were headed towards the waterfall. Matthan climbed the 175ish steps to the falls. 


Here is our attempt at a family pic. Resistant toddler, sleeping baby in the carrier...



~ 6 ~

I was looking for a place to rest and nurse Lucy, and I saw a sign for the lodge. I didn't have a full grasp of how far it was until I was already part way up and therefore committed. 400-something more stairs later, we finally reached the top. Matthan hiked the whole way up by himself.


I was pretty worn out by the time we got to the top. But I have to say... view I've ever had while nursing a baby. Totally worth it.

We split the protein bar that I had grabbed from the diaper bag three ways and supplemented with some candy I found in the gift shop. Again, awesome planning by us.


~ 7 ~

After the more than 600 stairs to the top and a ride down in the hiking pack...

...he got to sleep for 20 mins before we stopped for 5:00pm. Matthan was a trooper and we all were worn out but it was a fun day!

Happy Friday everyone!

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