Friday, May 25, 2012

Chattanooga Day 2 - Food and Music

Day two was a very low key day of bumming around Chattanooga and partaking of local cuisine.  We hit up "Fresh On Fridays" in downtown, which "highlights fresh made offerings from local restaurants, food trucks, artisans and farmers".  Despite the great food available, there was a line out the door at Subway...silly people.  We ended up with asian tacos and homemade soda. 

Food truck - picture courtesy of google images

There is lots of cool art sprinkled throughout Chattanooga.  

The only remaining part of the First Methodist Church building. 

30 weeks and resting by the church steeple while the Hubs plays with the camera.

The Chattanoogan hotel was featuring a low country boil dinner special for Memorial Day.  After eating Sprout's weight in crab legs we headed back to Market Street to see a free concert that is part of Chattanooga's Nightfall Concert Series.  We saw the band Elliott Brood, a bluegrass rock band from Toronto.

This was the best picture I could get.  We need a zoom lens.
I was playing with the camera and said "smile for me" and this was the face I got :)

We headed toward the baseball stadium with the promise of fireworks after the game, but when we got over there, the game was not close to being done and we were worn out.  No fireworks for us.  :(  But it was a great day of food and free stuff.  

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