Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chattanooga Day 6 - Rock City

Our final day in Chattanooga, we headed back to the Terminal Brewhouse because I had to have one more awesome root beer float.  Then we hit up some antique stores and the habitat for humanity re-store where we found some random house stuff and a very cool frame that I'm sure will show up in a future post.  After that we headed on to Rock City.  Rock City is one of Tim's clients and they comped us some tickets - THANK YOU ROCK CITY!  We had so much fun.

Rocky the Gnome - their mascot

This was one of the neatest places I've been.  Even though it was outside, I was so comfortable because it was shady and cool.  It was so serene.  It felt like a different world.

Gnome Valley

There are gnomes everywhere at Rock City.  It is quite entertaining.  While in Chattanooga, we found a coupon for 75% off of the gnome of the month.  So OF COURSE we had to get one.

Us in front of Mushroom Rock

Flowers growing in the rocks

They had signs with quotes all throughout the park

View from the top

You can see seven different states from the top of Rock City

You can't read the sign above my head, but it reads "Fat Man Squeeze".  Yes, the pregnant lady made it through.

More gnomes :)
After lunch at Tony's, we headed home.  The trip was awesome!  I highly recommend Chattanooga for a vacation spot.  And the 2 or so hour ride home was a perk as well.

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