Monday, May 28, 2012

Chattanooga Day 5 - Cloudland Canyon

We headed back into Georgia for part of the trip because we have always wanted to go to Cloudland Canyon and since we were so close, we just had to go.  I had planned a full day of hiking, fishing, disc golf, etc.  I woke up that morning feeling pretty icky.  And after the drive through the mountains (a drive that would make anyone nauseous but especially a pregnant lady), I was feeling extra icky.  So we found the only Asian restaurant around for miles (Asian food is my comfort food when I'm sick), and nursed my queasy tummy back to almost normal, and headed on.  We finally made it to Cloudland Canyon and ventured out to the disc golf course.  We had anticipated the course to go through the woods and therefore be very shady... but unfortunately it went beside the woods and was very much in the blazing sun.

Several holes in, we had a little bit of a set-back...that I managed to capture on my phone :D  That is Tim, staring at his frisbee...stuck way up in the tree.

"Oh frisbee, please come down"

Bright green frisbee, top right of the picture, stuck really well

Solution: throw another frisbee at frisbee stuck in the tree

It felt like a good 30 mins (but probably wasn't) and took several exhausting attempts at throwing sticks, rocks, and a frisbee at the frisbee stuck in the tree, but he did finally get it down.  However, one strong throw on the very next hole... sent the same green (a.k.a. same color as everything around us) frisbee into the very, very dense woods... and despite our searching...was gone forever.  

At this point, about half way through the course, the blazing sun got the better of me, and we just had to quit.  We got cooled off in the little park store where we replaced our frisbee - with a brightly colored on that was NOT green.  We found a very short hike on the map that lead to an overlook, and headed out there... only to find that the scenic overlook that was advertised to be simply fabulous...

...was not that much different from the bog behind our apartments in college.  I laughed because of the ridiculousness of it all.  On the hike back UP the hill from the "scenic overlook", I came up with several names for it including "the most disappointing overlook ever" and "beautiful overlook - psych!" just to amuse myself.

Even though we were completely worn out, we did manage to get to this... isn't this more like it?...

The pictures really don't do it justice.  We have plans to go back one day and do some serious hiking and camping... when I'm not pregnant.  

We headed back to Chattanooga for dinner at 212 Market Restaurant and finished the day at Rembrandt's (the coffee/dessert place we frequented several times and would be the cause of me gaining some major poundage if we had one near us at home).

212 Market Restaurant - courtesy of google images

Rembrandt's - courtesy of google images

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