Friday, November 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol. 6) ~ A Busy Week, Ole' Bessie, and Lavender Chickens

Do you remember the day where you decided to feed your child lunch before heading to the grocery store, and the shopping trip was quick and easy, and you didn't have to call your very wise sister-in-law (who knows where everything is in the grocery store) in a panic because you actually found the beans-that-no-one-has-ever-heard-of-but-is-in-your-recipe, and she didn't have to advise you to get and open a toddler snack and feed your poor squirming child (and to make sure you remember to pay for said snack), and you didn't leave the store with 1/3 of your list not taken care of because you found everything and the store had everything you needed, and you left without a big giant tension headache???

Yeah... me neither.

While "I finally went to the grocery store" is safely under the category of "Nobody Cares", it is simply a symptom of trying to recover from the previous week and weekend.  Which was all awesome and fun, but when we (and by we, I mean The Hubs) don't go shopping on the weekend, the whole week just seems to fall apart.  But like I said, nobody cares, so moving on to tell you about all the great things that have kept us busy.  I have a few pics from the weekend that I managed to snap on my phone sprinkled into this post.  So, I'm not leaving you completely picture-less...just "picture may not apply to the said quick take".  Got it?

On the front porch of the cabin

The first item on the agenda of last week was a mommy group...hosted by me.  For anyone that knows me well, knows that this was a big deal.  It was me trying to get over the combination of my introverted-awkward-at-small-talk-ness and hospitality anxiety in one fell swoop.  And you know what?  It was really fun and went off without a hitch...eckhem...except for me tripping over my friend's one-month-old baby*... but MOVING ON!

Denise and Jacquie in the hammock

The next item immediately following the mommy group was a dinner with friends.  We hosted it at our house for the ease of being able to put Matthan to bed.  A dinner of homemade fried rice and spring rolls was made by our friend and we were supposed to eat at 6:30, then it got pushed to 7:00 then I think we ate somewhere around 8:30 (after the guys got back from a cigar run), and the movie we were supposed to watch didn't get watched because we were having too much chatting and catching up.  It was awesome!  And the food was great!

Jill, Marissa, Matthan, and Sarah - terrible picture by me

Last week, Matthan and I traveled two hours (one way) to see a friend and her girls.  Of course, I didn't realize that it took two hours when I committed to going, but it was worth it.  We chatted, and made pancakes for lunch for the kids, and got to see their lavender chicken and the largest swarm of lady bugs I've ever seen.

Matthan and Jacquie

A friend of mine had planned a girl's getaway weekend up in Helen for this past weekend...which of course fell on the same weekend as our youth group's guy's retreat that Tim was chaperoning.  So, the girl's getaway weekend turned into girls + Matthan.

The cabin was up this crazy 3 mile, steep road on the side of the mountain.  Ole' Bessie** made it.  It was gorgeous!  I got to hang out with amazing women, eat delicious food, and sit by a fire.  The women just loved all over Matthan.  He charmed every single one.

We went for a walk down the road and enjoyed the gorgeous weather...until it started to rain.  Jacquie, Matthan, and I immediately turned around to head back.  A nice couple in an SUV picked us up and dropped us off at the driveway.  When we hit the driveway (this was no ordinary driveway, imagine the most intense painful cardio workout up a steep, steep, STEEP hill), it had started to hail.  Jacquie, who was carrying Matthan, wisely left me in her dust and got him inside while I huffed and puffed it up to the cabin.

Back porch of cabin

Matthan had a grand 'ole time because everyone let him play with their iPhones and iPads.  There supposedly wasn't any internet but he ended up posting "s" on someone's Facebook profile.  This started a slew of responses from her Facebook friends all trying to guess what the "s" meant.  LOL.

It has been a busy but wonderful week of great friends and good conversation.

Me and My Little Man

Happy Friday!

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*No babies were harmed during the writing of this blog post
**After owning my one-and-only car for several years, it was finally dubbed "Ole Bessie" by a friend this weekend


  1. Awe, your son is darling!! Love the photos of that cabin also. Found your from the 7qt linkup :)

    1. Welcome Julie! I wish that I had been able to snap more pictures of the cabin and the view because they were breathtaking. But I opted for hanging around the campfire with everyone. And thank you, I think my son is darling too. I think I'll keep him ;)

  2. Such a beautiful family you have! And I literally laughed out loud (very loud) while at work at #1. Too funny.

    1. It warms my heart when people tell me they laughed at my post because sometimes I chuckle while I'm writing and then I think "no one else will think this is funny". So thank you for your comment!! :D