Thursday, November 21, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ A Matthan Post

We've been pretty busy around here.  Not super busy where I can really complain about being busy, but busy enough where I realized, while looking over recent pictures, that the only thing I've taken the time to photograph is Matthan... 

... I'm sure that you'll forgive me.


We've had some beautiful fall weather that has allowed us to get outside in the afternoon sun and play.  I have to say, I totally understand hibernation and would really support a movement for human hibernation if anyone wants to start it.  But for the sake of my little guy, I force myself out into the sunshine.

Redneck slide

Such a pretty smile

I text a picture to my sister or The Hubs every now and then, but sometimes Matthan blocks me out of the picture.


I've heard several times that if you give a kid a present, they will play with the box and wrapping.  But if you make the box the present ...

My little guy is still content with his books.  His little outfit makes me happy.

I should write a book entitled "How to Entertain Your One-Year-Old".  It would go something like this:  1.  Place a paper clip in an old film canister  2.  Your child is now entertained.  All day.


Look out ladies, my son does the best duck face around! 

Last week I noticed that the letter magnets were looking a little scarce.  The alphabet was only containing about ten letters.  When I got down on the floor to play with Matthan, I noticed something funny looking under the fridge.  I stuck our yard stick under the fridge, and about 2/3 of an alphabet came shooting out ... along with a lot of nasty dirt.  


Matthan is growing up so fast.  He is learning new words every day.  He had his first scissor haircut (we trimmed the mullet with clippers before his first birthday). 

Baby Signing Time + cheerios = sitting still...for the moment

I'm blown away by how much he is learning and interacting with us.  I savor getting to watch him accomplish each bit of development.  He is a such a ball of joy for us.  Pictures and videos do not do him justice.  It is all bittersweet though.  I mean, I don't want to carry my child to his first college class, but can't I freeze him at this stage for a few more years?

round button chicken

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  1. The disappearing alphabet letters made me smile! I run into the same thing with my cat. He has little plastic toys that he LOVES, but he also loves to bat them underneath the storage shelves in the basement. When he starts whining loud enough (due to the lack of said toys), I'll pull out a yard stick and discover 20+ of them under the food storage!