Monday, October 21, 2013

Matthan Update ~ 14 months (or the post where I use the phrase "so much" too much)

I realize that I used this picture in Friday's post, but it's so stinkin' cute that it bears repeating.  I'm sure that you'll forgive me. 

Matthan has changed so much since the last time I updated you, that I'm wracking my brain to remember everything.  He changes so much in just a week.  I guess you'll just have to come visit us and see all the cuteness and growth yourself.  :)

The biggest change that we have seen in Matthan is how verbal he is now.  He is saying "mommy", "daddy", "puppy", "baby", "ball", "bye", "na-na" (for banana), "shoes", and "wa-wa" (water).  He "signs":  more, food/eat, milk, hat, and sleep.  He mimics things that we say with accurate inflection.  

For the record, he was saying "baby" to the picture before I started filming.  I'm sure you know how that goes.

He is starting to express his will and his opinion....a lot... and strongly.  

He really likes to do things on his own, especially eating.  He eats almost everything that does not require a utensil by himself.  If a food does require a utensil then he has to have one too.  So while I feed him oatmeal in the morning he has a spoon too and he's slowly figuring out the whole "spoon in bowl, spoon to mouth" thing.  

He has entered the picky eater toddler stage, and after mommy had a slight meltdown over this, we're all doing remarkably well.  He is hesitant about new foods.  He likes to see us eat it and likes to feed it to us.

Oh, and he uses spoons and (insert any stick-like toy here) as drum sticks.

He has become very mobile as well.  He's got crawling down packed and is now pulling up with gusto and cruising along the furniture.  This video is from a week or two ago and he is much more proficient now.

He still loves to carry things around the house with his latest favorite being clothes pins (the wooden ones that I hang his diapers with, not the metal pokey ones).  

He helps me put clothes in the dryer.  I'll hand him a piece of clothing and he'll throw it into the dryer for me.  Then he shuts the door for me.  

Matthan has gotten over his dislike of grass, and has moved on to crawling on and through anything.  In the last week he has crawled through grass, dirt, mud, Georgia red clay, sand, and a pumpkin patch.

First time in sand ~ a boy on a mission

His favorite and most used word is "puppy".  I pulled out his puppy stuffed animals, given to us by loving family members, that have been on his shelf since he was born, and he now sleeps with one in his crib.  We have several friends that have very loving and patient pets.

Matthan takes absolute delight in puppies and kitties (which he also calls "puppy") and giggles endlessly when they lick him.

He gets mad at me when I won't let him eat off of the floor.

He still loves books and "reads" them to himself.  The other day he crawled up to me with a little book in his hand and was saying "puppy, puppy".  I asked him where the puppy was and he showed me the first page of the book he was carrying, and sure enough, there was a puppy on the page.

He still loves anything that makes noise.  

Matthan has turned into quite a ham.  He flirts with people everywhere.  He has a grin for everyone.  And he has started to make funny faces at us.

Look out ladies - my kid can make the duck face

This picture does not do it justice.  He knows how much it makes us laugh and so he does it all during dinner time.  

Over the last couple months, Matthan has grown up so much, and we have grown so much as parents.  Pray for us as we continue to learn how to parent our sweet little boy.

Despite his apparent lack of enthusiasm he was having a good time

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